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  1. Ford Prop Shafts

    Does anyone know what other Ford prop shaft splines will fit a Mk 9 Sierra gearbox? I'm building a Special and the Sierra shaft isn't really suitable! Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Fitting a rear wiper

    I have a base model '96 Classic Fiesta and was wondering if I could fit a rear wiper (essential in my opinion)? Are the cables behind the dashboard/at the rear just waiting for the hardware to be fitted? Were they optional extras at the time? Any ideas welcome.
  3. Rear Brake Drum Retaining Nut

    Thanx for the answers, the car is a '96. I've managed to do it now. There were no split pins just very very tight nuts. The nearside nut undoes clockwise, the offside anti clockwise. Using the 6ft scaffold tube (heavy in itself) and whilst putting some pressure on the nut I hit the socket with a hammer to 'shock' the nut. Thankfully this worked but they were ridiculously tight.
  4. Hi, Has anyone got any ideas on loosening the rear brake drum retaining nuts, I think they've been done up by a body builder on steroids. Also can anyone confirm which way to turn to loosen? I've tried a 6ft piece of scaffold as an extra lever!!
  5. Hi, Does anybody know if the full-depth rear bumper from the later Fiesta's will go on my '96 Fiesta, it currently has the narrower black plastic bumper?