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  1. If you go to the battery manufacturers website and use the battery finder.. you will see that the battery manufacturer recommend a higher amp battery than the one supplied by ford.. Some information.. https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/technology/start-stop-system
  2. I got myself one of these.. no start stop issues now😁https://www.ctek.com/uk/products/car/mxs-5-0-uk
  3. Here is some information on AGM battery v Your current battery https://batteryworld.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/battery-types-for-automatic-start-stop-systems
  4. .. as the service manager told me.. the car these day have that many electronics, alarms, modem,keyless sensors etc running there is a constant drain in the battery, hence the need to charge the battery if not doing regular driving..also these batteries are not AGM but EFB..https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/technology/start-stop-system. As lve stated above. I believe our batteries should be AGM due to the electronics..
  5. we purchased our focus active x from Trust Ford Tamworth, must admit they were spot on with preparing the car and sorting out all the paperwork so we could drive it away the same day..
  6. Our 2019 Focus stands on the drive a lott these days...the only issue is start stop fails to work due to the battery being below 80%. At the moment we only do 70miles a week ...we bought a battery ctek charger and now the start stop is working..the service manager at my local dealership recommend this to solve slot of Mk4 issues....I took a look at the battery manufacturers website, if you do a search via your registration we found the battery in the car is a lower spec than the one recommended by the website...and it not an AGM battery, which is recommended for start stop/ heavy drain cars...
  7. just follow the cyanlabs updater, make sure the settings are correct( autodetect) input your spec/version ...input what version you want , maps etc and the updater will do the rest...
  8. typical, just updated to f9...
  9. which ford pass app do you use, standard or pro...i use the pro as i find it a bit more reliable..
  10. my focus was in the dealers yesterday,just for a check, i asked them to check my battery as start /stop has not worked for awhile, was told the battery was just below 80% so s/s would not work, there advice was to get a smart battery charger that reconditions the battery, this would help with s/s and prolong the life of the battery, explaining that the car systems has a constant drain on the battery so it will never be at 100% so a ctek mxs 5 is on order to see if it helps.
  11. for missing logos, after update-- follow the links on this thread, takes less than 5 minutes.. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/112779-sync-3-maps-f9/page/53/
  12. Ford have officially released the latest sync update 3.5.20351. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/
  13. the ford salesman must have forgoitten to tell me.. 😏
  14. when was CD introduced? i have the 2019 active x and have not felt any vibration? im just hearing a knocking noise at tickover and the thrum seems very loud..
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