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  1. Our car was bought January 2021 but serviced October 2020... I called and they say next service due January 2023..but to get the AA breakdown I'll have a convenience check January 2022...
  2. my ford app is poor at registering journeys, so just gave up with it.
  3. I've been told ... Rails cannot be fitted..due to the sunroof
  4. take a look at cyanlabs
  5. Cyanlabs... You can load what version you want...up and down grade
  6. My start stop started working every the since I bought a ctek battery charger and did a full recon ....
  7. ask a your local dear to price match, worth a phone call...
  8. Cheaper https://www.tch.co.uk/servicing-offers/ford-convenience-check/
  9. As the title say.. hope the focus looks this good at 11 yrs old... Just detailed my son in law's 11 yr old Lexus.. picked it up a few weeks ago.. 1 lady owner, FLSH, ...and only 16k miles.😳👌
  10. Hello...any one use the ford extra warranty? . My son's fiesta is coming to the end of manufacturers warranty... Had a look at the ford protect warranty and seems to cover most parts of the car including AA breakdown...for £120 a year.. for my Focus active it's coming in at £188 a year.. Is it worth it?
  11. As i have stated in the thread, they didnt even lift the bonnet on my car ( i have a dash cam), i still think my car is loud compared to my sons fiesta, its due a convenience check in october, so ill get it checked again by another dealership, and if they say its normal i will ask for them to prove by showing me another focus ...
  12. I use a ctek battery charger to keep the battery a reasonable condition. Only used it once on recommendation from ford service manager, since then the start stop is fully functional....same goes for my son's fiesta..👍
  13. The report back from my main dealer was .. all ok just the normal sound ...but still definitely louder than my son's fiesta...I may get a second opinion from a nother dealer.. as the dashcam showed that the ford chap never lifted the bonnet..
  14. Go to page 37 on this thread....the info on how to get the logos back is there..👍
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