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  1. I'm in the process of shifting mine now but struggled to shift it on autotrader. (Fairly priced, but people don't really research into them, so the 1.0l 79bhp seem a LOT cheaper to mine, since mines an ecoboost). So going to have to go to we buy - however Sell Your Car at evans halshaw offer to beat we buy any car (and dont have any fees for selling, unless you want to get paid early). We Buy is £74.99 fee if your car is between £4999 and £49,999 (or something similar to that)
  2. You should get accepted for finance so long as you have a good credit score - it shouldn't matter too much regarding that. You could also ask the garage how much they would take for your as a part ex toward the ST3 and re-negotiate the finance (if possible?). Be aware, if the garage apply for your finance, that goes onto your credit history. So if you start shopping and getting various garages to put you forward to a finance company to see if they will accept you, over time (after a few of these) it will look bad - as on the history it wont show if you have been accepted or denied. Finance companies then look at this and see "Oh, hes applied for finance in the past week for 3 different loans" - they will then take it that these 3 have rejected you and will in turn reject you. So, only go down the finance route once you are 100% that the price you see if the price your willing to pay etc (you probably know that, but working in a dealership, I knew a few people who said that they are waiting for 3/4 garages to get back to them to see if they can be accepted for finance and wanted us to put them forward to to another finance company, as they didn't think they would get accepted anyway) safe to say when I told them how it worked, they were a touch worried
  3. Not really seen these QR Codes, but its a good idea. But, I'm pretty sure it says all over the forecourt don't use your mobile phone. Now I know that kinda means don't start calling people from it, but surely the signal is pretty similar when using 4G/3G/Wifi to log onto paypal for the QR code? Bit contradictory. However i'de still prefer to put my card of choice in so that I/my partner can pay for fuel, or I can stick it on a credit card. (However it is very good if you don't have your wallet!)
  4. Don't understand why Shell cant do this, or anywhere else for that matter. Pop your card in, pop your pin in, fill up and drive off. None of the hassle of queuing behind people attempting to get a weekly shop, scratchcards and cigs. Just pay and go! (The main reason why I use Tesco too!!)
  5. I had a big issue with the USB on my Iphone (think it was mostly bluetooth) - everytime my sat nav had a direction, my phone had to call itself to read it over the sync system (maybe unrelated). What phone are you using? I know my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + (new phone essentially) I cant do anything Via USB as it doesn't read spotify etc (better sound quality via usb too) - so everything has to be via BT. I think my Iphone (5) played slightly better via usb however I'm guessing its an update that needs to be done in order to read newer phones. If its not much of an issue, your only bet maybe to play music VIA Aux, whilst charging via USB?
  6. Hi, http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201606124859918 Due to work commitments (new company car) I am selling my Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Zetec 3dr, Panther Black Owners 2 (including myself) Miles 18,500 MOT Oct 2017 Service: Full (Due in 500 miles, but can be negotiated into price) Warranty: Ford 3 Yr Warranty (If full service history kept) - So still 14 month Warranty with Ford £7,300 ONO (Serious offer) - Going up slightly higher on Autotrader - will also post clearer pics tonight if theres no rain. Comes with all standard Zetec Equipment + option for Armrest (see below). Also comes with Ford Richbrook Aerial and K&N Air Filter. Car was bought in December 2015 from OMC Ford Certified Dealership (Big Ford Dealer in my area) (Will have slightly more miles on due to car still being in use). Interior - will get pics up later when its on Autotrader - but inside is like new (no marks anywhere as far I as can tell) comes with Ford Mats too. Mods Optional: Centre Arm Rest. Centre Arm Rest For sale also (can be sold separately). Will take £70 for collection
  7. Dragging this up. Selling my Arm Rest (From Zetec S/Titanium) - Pics in FOR SALE Thread.
  8. Common problem, nothing wrong. Mine slips out now and again (Usually when your trying to do something quickly/parallel park) and you just hear the big grinding noise. To try and avoid it, stop completely before putting it into reverse - some people have said that putting it into 4th then into reverse will sometimes help it to stay in gear
  9. £52! Your joking right! OUCH. Depending on your garage, if they have other fiestas (same model) then just ask for a parcel shelf to be in it. When we noticed a fiesta/focus about to be collected by a customer, we always made sure a parcel shelf was in them (as they came as standard) - so we just took them out of another fiesta and the process carried on! I'de ask for one before you spend £50
  10. I just wish the USB played music from Android now, rather than through bluetooth. Can't have everything i suppose!!
  11. Nice! All my Fiestas have had DAB (company car, courtesy car, my car) so I assumed on zetec and above it was dab (in facelift?) Clearly mine have had people hosing dab for me! :)
  12. I have just had Continental Premium Contact 5's fitted (195/55/15) and couldn't recommend them more - however unsure on the noise. A good one is to check Asda tyres, every tyre that they have to offer comes with a DB reading (tyre noise) along with grip and fuel economy. I'm sure continental do Eco Contacts, which aren't as good performance wise (grip, breaking etc) but are quieter and better on fuel
  13. The Zetec (Ecoboost) should already have DAB. If you keep pressing the "Radio" button, it will cycle through FM, FM1, AM, AM2, DAB, DAB 2 etc. The Titanium simply has a Sony Headunit (also DAB) which looks slightly different to the Zetec. If you simply just want DAB, yours should already have it
  14. Yes No issues, The only issue with having the front live, is that if you leave your sat nav plugged in over night, it will continue to charge from the battery and could possibly drain it. Is there an issue when planning your trip with the ignition on? I do it all the time, doesn't waste much (if any) fuel and gives the car a chance to warm up before i begin my journey (which it never usually gets!)
  15. Yeh, wish I had left mine dirty when I saw the mark on the rear arch. Its literally on the edge of the arch (just behind the rear wheel) - so either some @@$! has hit it, or some stones have been thrown up, missed the small mudflap and caught the corner :( . I nearly cried when I saw the light scratches from the drying cloth, just felt like giving up. But I guess after a few polishes they'll disappear, but no doubt others will appear! Love the sparkle from the black panther, usually stays like that for a day until it either rains or i hit the motorway haha. Can't wait for a full day in the summer, to just spend a good few hours with a clay bar and machine polish etc, to see how good i can get it! I saw a KA the other day, with a sparkly white? (Guessing thats slightly different to yours?)
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