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  1. Hi All I hope your all well. Iv just got a 2016 Mk2 S Max with the Sync 2 system in it. I am going to be using the Sat Nav allot and on the hole I am not pleased with it as Iv had a newer car with Sync 3. I have a few questions about changing the system and under stand most of it just a few little things I want to be clear on as I can not find the info I want. So the biggest question is dose any one have the info on removing the sync 2 from My car I.E pulling the dash apart to get it out? Dose the Sync 3 screen and APIM have to come from a S max or and can it come from any
  2. Hi All I own a Mk7 or 8 Not sure Fiesta Metal 62 plate. I want to upgrade the STD Ford radio to a DAB unit. I have taken a look at the back of my CD unit and only have the one plug and the black and white aerial connections. I have looked on eBay and there seems to be the Fiesta DAB units (Sony) with two plugs and Focus (Ford) units with one plug. Not sure if this is correct as when I have asked they told me its got two plugs. Is there a single plug DAB unit that will fit or are they all two plug units? Any info will help Cheers
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