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  1. Diesel to Petrol

    Let's hope so Jamie. I'm just puzzled as to why this anti-diesel publicity has come about all of a sudden. I also want to know where all the 'clean' electricity is going to come from to power everyone's car. Are we also going to be able to dispose of all those old batteries when they wear out.
  2. Diesel to Petrol

    Thanks for this Jamie. I really don't want to change to petrol as my diesel gives me plenty miles per gallon. I do however stay in Aberdeen and the council have spoken about banning diesels from the city centre. I think I'll just have to monitor things as they happen.
  3. First of all let me say that I am technically illiterate. I have a 2 year old Mondeo estate which is fitted with the 2litre Turbo Diesel engine. I had planned to keep this car for a good few years. However, with talk of charges on diesels using city centres and scrappage schemes which don't offer much I was wondering how feasible it is to swap the diesel for an ecoboost petrol engine. Any thoughts anyone?
  4. Show us your Mondeo

    Here's Mine.
  5. Tyre choice

    I had wondered about going down a profile but was concerned that it might affect my insurance. I can't really afford a set of wheels and tyres so I'm really looking at the Primacy 3 or Goodyear Vector tyres. All the posts on this thread have been extremely helpful and are much appreciated.
  6. Tyre choice

    Thanks for this very helpful info. It explains a great deal. I now have to decide whether to stick with the Primacy 3 tyres and get the benefit of longevity or go for all season tyres of which only the Goodyear Vector 4 season is available in my size of 235/50/R17. I could of course go for a 'sport' tyre but winter is coming as they say!
  7. Tyre choice

    I'm interested that a few of you are running Michelin Cross Climate tyres. I would like to try these but they aren't available in 235/50/R17. I'm assuming that those using them have different engines or wheel sizes. Does anyone run an all-season tyre in 235/50/R17?
  8. What a pain!

    Thanks. I needed a laugh. 😃👍
  9. What a pain!

    Some of us are however used to other vehicle manufacturers who are more efficient. I've already mentioned Land Rover and my experience of Toyota was also satisfactory.
  10. What a pain!

    Good grief!
  11. What a pain!

    A couple of weeks would be acceptable. However, that is not what the bodyshop is being told. They have not been given an approximate date when to expect the part. All they have been told is that it is on back order and they will be informed when the part is available. That is not acceptable. I also think that three days is unacceptable for common parts. They should be available in 24 hours. Is Ford always like this?
  12. What a pain!

    Hold on a minute. What kind of way is that to run a company. Insurance companies, bodyshops, and customers just have to indefinitely wait. That's not good enough. I changed from the green oval to the blue oval because I didn't need a 4WD anymore. Land Rover never let me down with parts supply and that included panels. I can see my relationship with Ford is going to be a short one.
  13. What a pain!

    Had a bump with the Mondeo recently which ended up with a complete rear wraparound panel needing replaced. The bodyshop have been on the phone today to say that Ford do not have the part available and that it is on back order. They cannot say when the part will be sent to the bodyshop. I would have expected better service from a company the size of Ford. It's not as if the part required is a panel for a Model T.
  14. Tyre choice

    I don't like the Primacy 3 tyres in the wet. Not enough grip.
  15. Tyre choice

    Anyone got any recommendations for tyres for my 2015 diesel estate. It came fitted with Michelin Primacy 3 tyres which I don't particularly like.