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  1. Passenger Side head lamp side light failure

    I use an LED unit. No issues with the driver side one tho
  2. Hi, I have a Fiesta Mk7.5 and the passenger side, side light stopped working recently. Tried changing the bulb, but it's still not working. So may be a fail in the wires, but all the other bulbs still function normally. Any ideas on how to fix this without having to buy a whole new headlamp assembly
  3. Headlamp screw and No. plate light

    Found the reason why it was so difficult to get the bulb holder out, the clip is broken
  4. Hi, I'm struggling to get that screw off to remove the headlamp and I think the thread is f**ked, any ideas on how to get it off? Also I'm having difficulty getting the right hand number plate light off with the metal clip as the main cause
  5. Hi, has anyone bought the full upgrade kit from Autobeam?
  6. Dead battery???

    I still couldn't start the engine tho
  7. Dead battery???

    Okay, just checked and the light is green
  8. Dead battery???

    Hi, I recently bought a 13 plate Fiesta and I just a few moments ago, I couldn't start it, (clicking noise). Do I need a new battery or jump start? any help on this please?
  9. Hi, I'm wondering how I could sound proof/dampen the interior of Ford Fiesta Mk6
  10. Jacking points on Mk6 Fiesta

    Hi, could anyone advise on where the jacking points are at the rear of a Mk6 Fiesta is? And where to place axle stands
  11. Replacing back box

    What sort of paste/brand would you recommend?
  12. Replacing back box

    Its been replaced before so 2 separate parts. Will I need need exhaust paste or something to seal the joint?
  13. Replacing back box

    The centre and rear section are 2 separate parts and do I need exhaust paste or any?
  14. Replacing back box

    Hi, how easy is it to replace the exhaust back box on a Ford Fiesta Mk6 Flame? And do I need any special tools?
  15. How to stop water gathering in top strut mount

    I bought some strut seal, but it doesn't fit like its gonna come off. Fitted N/S one just fine tho