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  1. Yeah mate, hard to find them on eBay. Any suggestions on what to search for? I'm trying "escort slide pin", "slide pin rubber", "slide pin boot", etc and not much comes up. When you got those from the dealer, did you just get the rubber things or were they bundled with the pins?
  2. Hi, Where can I get the rubber boots for brake caliper slide pins? Similar to the ones in this picture https://cdn.autoteilexxl.de/thumb?m=1&id=956692&lng=en I tried the local Ford dealer in Ireland but was told you can't get them from Ford anymore??? Maybe they only come with slide pins themselves or calipers? A lot of hassle for just a small rubber thing.
  3. Pelmenis

    MK6 Escort

    My daily driven Escort
  4. Thanks guys. @Antonelson96 - Mine is 1.4 CVH so 30-35 MPG for a 1.8 is quite good, I'd say. I'm sure I could squeeze out a bit more out of mine as well. @dezwez - Only about £450 on top of the purchase price. That includes all new tyres, wheels, brake pads and discs, oil, filters and more. This is what dash cams are really for... spotted another Escort hahah.
  5. 4000 miles done under my ownership and still going strong! Decided to calculate what MPG my Escort is getting so I filled the tank and after 63 miles (a mix of towns, backroads and national roads) I stopped at another petrol station, filled it up again and ran the numbers. I got ~38 MPG which I thought was pretty good. I'm guessing it gets around 42 or so when cruising at 60 MPH.
  6. New paint job looks incredible. :)
  7. Thanks dezwez. Yeah, I'm trying to look after it well. :) I got it up on a lift yesterday to have a look at what is going on underneath. It will need a bit of welding done on the driver side sill before the next MOT but other than that, it's not bad considering it's 16 years old.
  8. It's looking very well. Great work.
  9. New Brembo vented discs and Mintex pads New Mann air filter Cleaned MAF sensor LED side lights
  10. New oil and filter 4 new tyres, Kumho KU31 195/50/R15 Also replaced licence plate bulb as that was blown.
  11. New car mats White LEDs behind air blower unit
  12. It's looking very good. I like the mods. :) How did you sort out the bonnet stone chips?
  13. Ah right. I've been looking at those kits myself but the thing which has held me back is how safe are they? Thanks for the info. Your Escort looks good. Tidy work on the key hole.
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