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  1. Hahaha,znaci ima nas tu sa ovih prostora :)
  2. Thanks... it's different here in Croatia,insurance is only about £250 a year and tax was £70...petrol is expensive,but I don't do a lot of miles ;)
  3. So,today I gave my Fiesta to my brother as a gift....and bought myself a new car: very rare in Europe,probably nonexistent in UK.... 1998 Lancia Kappa with a glorious Alfa busso 3.0 V6 under the bonnet :) low mileage,with all the gadgets,one previous owner... Sad to let the Fiesta go and in the same time very happy with the Lancia....
  4. Looking to buy a Mountune short shifter for my Fiesta, has anyone got it installed? Does it help much to reduce the shift throw? This could be the last mod to the car, the Fiesta is going to be a gift to my brother for his 22nd birthday :)
  5. Couple of updates: - Pipercross HFIC fitted, noticeable improvement in throttle response, and a nice deep induction noise..... - plasti- dipped alloys, rear valance and front grill in mettalic anthracite after a while decided to return the alloys to original silver (going for a new "black with silver bits" colour scheme) Also, got rear lights partially tinted, as well as the side mirror indicators
  6. I personally feel that 1.25 (82) Fiesta is not that underpowered, its just an oldschool engine in a "newschool" car, sure, it wont break any speed records, but could be preety nippy, if you know how to drive it......
  7. It wont mess with your speedo if you get 205/40 17 tyres (OEM size)..... dont know about coilovers, but springs were no problem to fit (if you have the tools and a car lift).....
  8. I also have a 09 1.25, here are some pics just to give some inspiration ;) mods: -OZ ultraleggera 17" alloys (plasti- dipped anthracite mettalic) - 30mm drop using eibach pro kit springs - Pipercross HFIC - Zetec S rear valance and front grill (dipped anthracite mettalic) -Zetec S pedal kit - DMB black/chrome overlays -debadge the rear -sprayed some engine parts panther black pearl - tinted side indicators and parts of rear lights (not in pictures) -LED interior lights, number plate lights etc.
  9. Both versions look ok to me,but the performance isn't impressive..... 140 bhp, lightweight car, but still needs 9 seconds to reach 62....that should've been around 8 or so mark,considering the power-to-weight ratio...
  11. A friend of mine had a look today (works in a car repair shop).....basically he said the clear coat cracked, it will certainly need some work, but he thinks I won't need a full respray... Will post a photo of the damage later today....
  12. An old lady driving an Insignia backed right into my front bumper...didn't hit it,just pushed it a bit... Upon first inspection I didn't see any damage... after washing the car I noticed a couple of really thin cracks in the paint,caused by the bumper flexing.... Could I buff it out, or is the front bumper going to have to be resprayed??
  13. Being a diesel, the obvious way to go is a remap, it should give gains from +10 to +15 hp.... Before that,you could install a larger intercooler, exhaust, bigger turbo etc. But that costs a lot of £££
  14. You should take the Pipercross kit into consideration, it is cheaper than the J1, I recently installed it on my Fiesta, great quality and noticeable improvement both in sound and throttle response, although it takes a little bit more time to install.... I will upload a short video to show how it sounds....
  15. I ve got an idea: you bought a rubbish cone filter which draws hot air from the engine bay, that is the main reason why your fuel consumption has gone sky-high...... Do yourself (and your car) a favour, sell that s*** cone filter, and buy a J1 or a Pipercross HFIC kit, then you will see the difference, both in engine sound and performance