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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 2010 focus 1.8 Zetec S petrol and it has push button start, but when i try to start all the dashboard lights come on as normal but when i press to start it just constantly clicks and all the dashboard lights just flash, I think the battery is okay as it is only a couple of years old, the car as been stood for a couple of days and was fine the last time i drove it, any advice please.
  2. Hi, i'm fitting genuine focus st projector headlights will these be HID or halogen? Thanks
  3. Thanks JW1982 for your fast response. Do you think i could get away with using these lights without auto leveling and washers, i would make it so that i could put the standard back in when going for the MOT.
  4. Can auto leveling be fitted to a Zetec S focus and at what expense would i be looking at? also washers
  5. Is it possible to convert the HID headlights to take halogen bulbs?
  6. Hi everyone, I am upgrading my headlights from the standard reflector type headlamps on my focus Zetec s Mk 2.5 2010 to the projected version that they have on the st models, i was just wondering if anyone has done this project before and can give me some advice, i know they are the bi xenon type lights so i don't know if i will have to modify the wiring (hope not), i know they are going to be HID ones but don;t know if they will just be a straight swap. From the image below you can see the ones that i am changing and the ones that i want to upgrade to. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, can anyone please tell me how to remove the roof lining in a 2010 focus as i need to replace it due to a leak in the roof. Thanks any help is greatly appresiated.
  8. Hi all, this is for anyone in the same situation as me and looking for what the wires in the CD6000 radio quadlock are for. Hope it help. Radio.txt
  9. Hi can anyone please tell me how to remove the inner side trim panels on a two door focus 2010 zetec S model, I need to replace the rear speakers but I don't see anything on the Internet that tells you about removing the inner side trims, any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  10. cem1965

    LED Bulbs H7

    Thanks all for your replies, I don't think they will fit as there is no clips that will fit around the size of the bulbs, the original h7 bulbs have a black plastic clip as seen in the image below that slides on from the top. Thanks
  11. cem1965

    LED Bulbs H7

    Thanks for your reply jonro2009, they will fit in the housing but i can't find out how to secure them, any ideas please.
  12. Hi can anyone please tell me if i can fit LED H7 bulbs in a standard reflector focus 2010 headlight the led's with the fans, or do i need some sort of adapter and with the wires connect straight to stock wiring. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me if i can fit LED headlamp bulbs to a normal reflector headlamp on the 2010 Zetec focus, the ones with the fans on please.
  14. Please could anyone tell me what the colour codes are for this light as i would like to tap in and add an extra led light, just need the live and negative from the centre switch. Thanks you very much.
  15. Hi please could anyone tell me were i connect the blue wire on a antenna booster to the back of my CD6000 radio, its in a focus 2010 model. Any help appreciated thanks.