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  1. Mk6.5 Fiesta issues to sort out

    Been a while since I got one, but have a search on ebay you can usually get a code for a couple of pounds or less. Check its not been written in the audio book or logbook/service book etc, think you need the serial number from on the radio for which you press a couple of buttons (1 and 6 possibly) on the modern ford radio's to access this serial number to send off to get your code.
  2. mk7.5 brake discs/pads

    Is it the 258mm OD for the 1.6tdci?
  3. mk7.5 brake discs/pads

    Cheers will maybe give brembo a try, it has two options fro discs on that site, are the tdci brakes the same set up as the ecoboost?
  4. 2010 1.25 Fiesta & Snow

    I tend to agree with the argument that the other countries in question typically have snow more often and there for spend a lot more on the equipment and infrastructure to cope, whereas it would be a bit uneconomical for us to do so although i'd hate to think the impact of snow on the UK economy the last couple of days in lost productivity etc....anyhow just realised this is a bit off topic for a car forum ha.
  5. mk7.5 brake discs/pads

    Hi, currently looking to get some brake discs and pads ordered up, does anyone have the ford parts numbers for a 2013 mk7.5 1.6tdci front discs and pads? (it has rear drums).
  6. Time to move on?

    I had a 2008 seat Ibiza from around 2010-2012. Engine wise (it was the 1.9tdi) it was great, very comfortable/economical and reliable on the motorway but not ideally geared for around town. Would echo the posts above...the build quality interior wise is poor compared to ford, very plasticky and cheap feeling, had a couple of rattles from bits of trim I presume, and road and engine noise was a lot more noticeable than my current 1.6tdci fiesta. I wouldn't rule out ever having a seat again and they are a well priced and reliable car with a decent engine selection. Probably lose there value slightly more than fords too i'd think. But on the whole yeah i'd class a ford above a seat in most aspects but it really depends what your after personally.
  7. I'm no chemist, but its probably just a cheap or spray grease or similar that has went that way with the heat of the expansion tank over time. It will have been an attempt to grease up the cap to stop it sticking (common fault and there are many a thread on here advising to put a little grease on the cap threads etc). From looking at the pics of the coolant and tank there doesn't appear to be any issue. Give said cap and top of tank a good clean and apply a little grease, I can't remember the recommended one for the coolant cap (have search on the forum). Obviously don't try to open the cap unless the car has been sitting good while/cooled down/de pressurised a bit.
  8. Third year service & first MOT next month

    I'd only consider that offer if the courtesy car was a Range Rover Overfinch.... No wonder they can offer free courtesy cars! Do your homework folks, good local indy if you've bought and are keeping the car for years, you'll save hundreds if not thousands over the lifetime of the car, supply your own ford/decent oil/filters/parts/fluids etc.
  9. Which tyres?

    Currently running my second set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 on 205/40r17. Not the cheapest at £80 per corner inc fitting/valve/old tyre disposal/vat. But not far off the very premium brands in terms of fuel economy and handling/grip etc. (which were a bit out of my budget at around £110 per corner) The hankooks wear well (I usually swap them front to back to ensure all four will be replaced at the same time). They seem a bit quieter than the original conti's (conti's are apparently meant to be a much more fuel efficient tyre but I've never noticed a difference in mpg, however slight) and I don't drive particularly quick but have no issues with grip in the wet etc. A good all rounder.
  10. First engine breakdown in decades

    It really depends on the type of contamination present and when that will manifest itself as you work through the tank. The petrol station will not admit but they should share any concerns brought forward to them.
  11. First engine breakdown in decades

    Where did you last fuel up? Maybe give them a quick call see if anyone else has reported any issues.
  12. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Will be interesting to see how this thread develops when the dealers start replying to customers.
  13. ST Seat Trim Question

    Sounds like a lot of hassle overall. You'd really need to find a local company who deal with this sort of thing and speak to them about the procedure (try googling car seat embroidery Yorkshire).
  14. Price increase already!

    Hi, i have a 1.6tdci mk7.5 2013 had it from 6 months old and plan to keep it for another 4 or 5 years. Any issues or maintenance advice for after year 4? Aside timing belt and continued regular full services? its on approx. 50k just now and its needed nothing expect serviceable parts. been over serviced and looked after hence the reason I want to keep it. it runs better that the day it was new probably and still looks as good, just wary of any major stuff that can go on them once I reach year 6,7,8 etc and probably over 100k in year 7 or 8.
  15. The idiot that did this

    Is that a write off? Assuming it will take a huge of amount of labour and expense to correct perfectly due the area affected.