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  1. I've tried it with £25, but was not accepted, final agreed amount was £28 ;)
  2. My car was ordered with standard 16" tyres so no turning limiters fitted from factory, now I have 17" 205/40 and Eibach springs fitted (-35mm) and no problem at all with rubing without these limiters...
  3. unfortunately not a Ford so out of game (can't find the -32°C <_< )
  4. I'm also owning one small device with descent video but not really good sound, but I think sound is not the part that the camera is used for: and video from first day, fun begins at 1:12 ;) (sorry for the loud sound)
  5. I'm using following small device, 60USD from dealextreme: due to power-on/off when there is electricity in poweroutlet I've installed one small switch in front of handbrake, so I never forgot to turn it on every time I'm moving.
  6. come on boys, we need a picture, I do not have lot of wauxhalls/opels in my neighborhood
  7. soo, next challenge, maybe something more for out-of-town boys... Your car next to an agricultural tractor/machine @calummac: I'm from Slovakia, picture was taken on this bridge: http://goo.gl/jwvhq
  8. it's me in my car, it's just hard to see me there :D
  9. how about this one? (sorry, just a mobile photo)
  10. thanks a lot for advice, works now without any problem :)
  11. thanks boys, I'll try it with BJ model (matching production period of my Fiesta), will report once delivered...
  12. is there any difference between the units? I'm able to buy one of following: 8A6T-18B955-BL or 8A6T-18B955-BJ, but no idea which one to choose. Thanks
  13. what kind of radio unit do you have? Numpad 1-6 or 1-9? Just curious if it is possible to add better display to low spec radio unit. Was there any need to update the radio software? My understanding was that the display unit is coded directly to the VIN of the car so when you change it you need to somehow unlock the new one...
  14. just my one cent: we are not rich enough to buy cheap things ;)