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  1. harweyko

    Asian Grill

    I've tried it with £25, but was not accepted, final agreed amount was £28 ;)
  2. My car was ordered with standard 16" tyres so no turning limiters fitted from factory, now I have 17" 205/40 and Eibach springs fitted (-35mm) and no problem at all with rubing without these limiters...
  3. harweyko

    Photo Location Game

    unfortunately not a Ford so out of game (can't find the -32°C <_< )
  4. I'm also owning one small device with descent video but not really good sound, but I think sound is not the part that the camera is used for: and video from first day, fun begins at 1:12 ;) (sorry for the loud sound)
  5. harweyko

    Fiesta 12V Power Outlet Not Turning Off

    I'm using following small device, 60USD from dealextreme: due to power-on/off when there is electricity in poweroutlet I've installed one small switch in front of handbrake, so I never forgot to turn it on every time I'm moving.
  6. harweyko

    Photo Location Game

    come on boys, we need a picture, I do not have lot of wauxhalls/opels in my neighborhood
  7. harweyko

    Photo Location Game

    soo, next challenge, maybe something more for out-of-town boys... Your car next to an agricultural tractor/machine @calummac: I'm from Slovakia, picture was taken on this bridge: http://goo.gl/jwvhq
  8. harweyko

    Photo Location Game

    it's me in my car, it's just hard to see me there :D
  9. harweyko

    Photo Location Game

    how about this one? (sorry, just a mobile photo)
  10. harweyko

    Latest Update - Upgrade Of Display Unit

    thanks a lot for advice, works now without any problem :)
  11. harweyko

    Latest Update - Upgrade Of Display Unit

    thanks boys, I'll try it with BJ model (matching production period of my Fiesta), will report once delivered...
  12. harweyko

    Latest Update - Upgrade Of Display Unit

    is there any difference between the units? I'm able to buy one of following: 8A6T-18B955-BL or 8A6T-18B955-BJ, but no idea which one to choose. Thanks
  13. harweyko

    Latest Update - Upgrade Of Display Unit

    what kind of radio unit do you have? Numpad 1-6 or 1-9? Just curious if it is possible to add better display to low spec radio unit. Was there any need to update the radio software? My understanding was that the display unit is coded directly to the VIN of the car so when you change it you need to somehow unlock the new one...
  14. harweyko

    Fitting A Filter Fiesta Zetec S

    just my one cent: we are not rich enough to buy cheap things ;)
  15. harweyko

    Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    one night snowing, friends MK6 :)
  16. harweyko

    Is A Spare Tyre Really Necessary?

    It`s very brave to say I`ve had no puncture in 10 years so I do not need a spare... I`ve also done many miles in 8 years without any problems until... you can see below... 11pm, rain, road in middle of nowhere and I hit a hole full of water... and no foam or compressor would save me that day...
  17. harweyko

    Buckled 16" Alloys!!!

    really happy.... both on drivers side...
  18. harweyko

    W6W Interior Light Bulb

    just use standard W5W (T10), the only difference is in wattage, 6W instead of 5W, socket should be the same...
  19. harweyko

    Hello, And Where Are The Jacking Points

    the red ones are originally proposed by Ford, I sometimes use also blue ones, but really as short term solution...
  20. harweyko

    Fitting The Drl's

    what about fitting DRL into fog ligts?
  21. harweyko

    Steering Wheel Shaking/vibrates

    I`ve had the same problem with both summer and winter set of tires, what I`ve done - all wheels newly balances and you have to ask your dealer so set up the geometry/wheel alignment of front wheels. There could be some problem if you`ve hit a pothole or something simillar. My problem was also that when driving on a motorway shaking slowly started, shaked badly for 500-700 metres and than slowly stopped, reappearing every 5 kilometres. After 200km of highway driving a felt pain in my arms.But when driving over 160kmh there was no shaking at all :D
  22. harweyko

    Your Fiesta

  23. harweyko

    Fezza "RS"

    Small tweak from Australia: 17" alloys, lowered, painted front and rear inserts, dual chrome tips, window tint...
  24. harweyko

    Mk7 Fiesta Daytime Running Lights

    yes Max I am, just your Revontulet is special case that even having wiring, relay and fuse the ligths are not working