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  1. Mirror covers are £79.00 each from Ford with the colour of your choice.
  2. Hi, when I press the button on the steering column to increase or reduce the volume the radio changes channel for all presets and I then have to reset all presets, if I use the volume control on the dashboard I do not have a problem. Is there a simple solution or is it to complex for an oldie. Fiesta Titanium 2016.
  3. Have you tried taking the cover off and applying some silicone grease, the cover is quite easy to come off but needs care when replacing it that you don’t break the plastic lugs.
  4. Hi All, I think that the problem is now resolved, I started up today after a 50 mile journey yesterday and the vehicle stopped at the next set of traffic when stationary. I am led to understand that it takes more power from the battery from stop and start than it does from pressing the start button. Thankyou all for replying to my query it just proves how much these forums can help with problems. Many Thanks.
  5. Many thanks for your reply, I will try that
  6. Thanks for your reply, OBD2 reader seems a bit complicated for me I am 74 so technology like that is above me, Thankyou all the same.
  7. No, usually about 20 to 30 miles on a run
  8. My 2016 Fiesta X Start Stop has ceased to function, I have had this car from new and has done 13,500 Miles. Any ideas please? I don’t want to be charged at the garage if it is just something simple. Thankyou.
  9. Titanium

    Tree Sap

    Many thanks for the replies, yes it was 11500 miles. Will be trying rubbing alcohol.
  10. Titanium

    Tree Sap

    The beech tree outside our house has a preservation order on it, I am having difficulty in removing the sap from the paintwork I have been using warm water only as my Fiesta is only 2 years old with 115000 miles on the clock and I had it done with that product for the paintwork that is supposed to last 3 years from new. Could anyone recommend a product for removing the sap without damaging the paintwork. Many Thanks.
  11. Contact their Ford Customer Service, I have found in the past that they are very helpful.
  12. I have never tried to open windows on my Fiesta X 2016 but have used the facility to hold down the lock position on my key to close all the windows if I have left one open.
  13. I have a 2016 FiestaX and took out a service plan £14.50 per month plus free 24 hour free recovery every year
  14. Is the air con on auto? When mine is on auto on a cold and damp morning my screen clear for front and rear clears the screen without selecting any controls
  15. Usually wait until fuel light shows approx 50 miles to go before filling up unless preparation for a long journey or my Tesco 10p off a litre date is about to expire.