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  1. Complaining to Ford

    Contact their Ford Customer Service, I have found in the past that they are very helpful.
  2. Making the windows come down with the key

    I have never tried to open windows on my Fiesta X 2016 but have used the facility to hold down the lock position on my key to close all the windows if I have left one open.
  3. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    I have a 2016 FiestaX and took out a service plan £14.50 per month plus free 24 hour free recovery every year
  4. Fiesta Mk7.5 Blowing Hot Air

    Is the air con on auto? When mine is on auto on a cold and damp morning my screen clear for front and rear clears the screen without selecting any controls
  5. How low do you go before refuelling?

    Usually wait until fuel light shows approx 50 miles to go before filling up unless preparation for a long journey or my Tesco 10p off a litre date is about to expire.
  6. You will get a bit more road noise with the 17inch alloys
  7. Changing headlight & other bulbs

    I think that you will find that you have to take out the whole light unit to gain access, it is quite easy and I think that tells you in the handbook.
  8. Which fuse #'s for dashcam

    If you go to Halfords they will supply and fit for under £25
  9. Which fuse #'s for dashcam

    This is a photo of where the dealership attached my dash cam to my 2016 TitaniunX
  10. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    Have you tried visiting the customer service at the garage
  11. Fiesta Servicing - Main Dealer or Independent?

    I would have thought that if you are thinking of changing your car at a mains Ford dealer in future it would be beneficial to have it serviced at a Ford garage for £12 a month direct debit for a yearly service plus breakdown cover free with Ford is not a bad deal.
  12. Service not up to scratch.

    Had my Fiesta serviced yesterday 03/06/17 first service on car as it is 1 year old 6549 miles. Put car in garage last night this morning after taking it out I had a pool of oil where the car had been. Rang my Ford dealer and was told to bring the car back Monday as no service engineers will be in until then. last year when I had a service on my old Fiesta when I got home the coolant top had not been tightened, the service log had not been completed,my dash cam had been disconnected and plugged back into the external ariel socket. any one else have problems with servicing? Do I just bite my tongue or do I express my dissatisfaction?
  13. Ford Protect

    I have 3 year protection for paintwork, alloy wheels,tyres, is that what you mean?
  14. MK7 secret compartment

    Yes, I also have the compartment near the bonnet release adapted with a magnet, when I speak of magnets they are only a quarter of an inch in diameter and very strong.
  15. MK7 secret compartment

    I broke one of the plastic lugs on mine trying to open it, I now have a secret compartment with the lid held on by small strong magnets. It does work and have no problems. Just stick them on with araldite.