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  1. what is the best way to keep the engine bay in showroom condition? when i bought my car the engine bay was almost like new, but in a couple of months its got dusty ect, i dont want to jet wash it because it will probably cause serious damage many thanks in advance
  2. i have tried the hand on the window as it goes down ippy, but no good, maybe i'll try the gem polish i have on the side windows, (thx trewithy) sounds like that may work
  3. its just frustrating, i dont want to keep a sponge squeegee in the drivers pocket, i didnt have to with my 2003 mondeo (maybe because it was a ghia) still i guess i'm with you tom, just drop the windows and drive off. i just thought that things are meant to improve as time goes by from a design point of view, not be worse.
  4. hi once again, finding out new things as each day comes by. is it a common problem that to remove the morning dew on the side windows of my focus (2008) you have to wipe it off? i have noticed that when you lower the windows the rubber at the top of the door does not remove any, whereas on my mondeo it cleared 90% of it is there a way to remedy it? real shame to have a heated front screen and you have to use paper towelling to clear the sides lol
  5. thx lenny for the idea and guide, well happy with them
  6. many thx mine has them, shoved in some normal bulbs, until some Blue ice leds arrived love em
  7. my one is a x6, although its marketed under various names. currently selling on fleabay for £56.70 had it for almost 2 years, no problems
  8. strange i had had one for 4 years in the boot, never remember to get it out...!
  9. i believe ford has or had the patent on the heated front screen
  10. well seeing as my previous car was a 2003 Mondeo 2.0 ghia, i decided that the heated windscreen was a must, as i didnt need a car as big as a monty, but didnt want to go as small as a fiesta, the focus was a natural choice, with a heated front screen of course..! i just love the look as i drive out out the works car park after 12 hours nights and most ppl are still scraping the ice off. i do agree it would be nice to have the same element on the rear screen,but i guess at the time it would have been cost prohibitive
  11. does my 2008 Focus Zetec have canbus or not? thanks in advance guys
  12. i paid £2.95 for my code a couple of weeks ago of ebay,, it was in my mailbox the next morning, i did order it about 4pm, so i suspect if you do it in the morning, theres a good chance you will get it same day. i have noticed that the guy i used has put his price up to £3:45, still a bargain
  13. as they say 'if its too good to be true then it generally is' thx guys, feel sorry for the ppl buying it then
  14. found this on fleabay can this really give 35% more power, 25% torque, and better fuel economy? or is it just crap