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  1. Hi Similar happened to me ... sounds like your alternator. Stick your battery on charge and you should get most things back to at least get you to a garage ...
  2. In My Opinion, I don't think that it really makes any difference, some old school mechanical 4wd systems (I think) might have had problems, but the Haldex has an electronic clutch at the rear, and only engages 4wd when it needs to, so most of the time it's running in FWD only. The difference in the rolling circumference left to right can be no different to a FWD or RWD car ... I always ended up changing the tyres in pairs on the same axle. But Front to Back I can't see it makes any difference. Certain tyre models do suffer from "castellation" [see below] whereby the tread block pattern on the rear eventually wears in a shark-tooth pattern .. Goodyears and Pirellis suffer with this (sounds like the wheel bearings are shot) but I changed to Falken ZE912s (18") and they were really quiet and reasonably priced. I don't think there's a reason to do this swapping of tyres because of the 4WD, ONLY if you're experiencing the saw-tooth wear problem and this can be (better) rectified by changing the brand of tyre to one that has less "blocky" tread pattern on the outer edge of the tyre ,. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Saw-tooth tyre wear The cause of the “saw-tooth tread wear” lies in the cooperation between the tread and the road surface. Where can we see the saw-tooth tyre wear most often? The tyres on the rear (dead) axle are more susceptible to the saw-tooth tyre wear. Why is this happening? Imagine how the tyre on the rear axle operates. The vehicle is driven by the front axle, while the rear axle is dragged along. When driving, the road surface force always has the same direction, i.e. it is always stronger toward the trailing edge of the tread blocks, which causes them to wear. When braking, the rear tyres push on the road surface, causing a stronger mutual reaction, which still works in the same direction, thus wearing the same edges even more. Where does the saw-tooth wear occur? Which factors influence the saw-tooth tyre wear? Tread pattern - The greater spacing is between tread blocks, the more the risk of the saw-tooth wear occurring increases Mixture hardness – hard tyres will be less susceptible to saw-tooth wear and noise Tyre pressure - overpressure increases the risk of saw-tooth wear The condition of suspension and shock absorbers - damaged suspensions and worn-out shock absorbers also increase the risk of saw-tooth wear Driving style – abrupt acceleration and braking will increase the saw-tooth wear on dead axles. Fast driving on winding roads will diminish the effect. Does a multi-link suspension cause saw-tooth tyre wear? Contrary to popular belief, no. In the case of such a suspension, the phenomenon is much more visible, as the tyre is not worn out laterally to the driving direction, which is the case with older suspension systems, where the saw-tooth wear was lateral. How do I minimize the effect? In order to minimize the saw-tooth tyre wear of the tyre tread, one should systematically (at least once every season or every 8-10 thousand km) switch the positions of the vehicle’s wheels/tyres. Switching in four-wheel drive vehicles should be performed according to the following chart: Saw-tooth tyre wear Such switching should ensure that the rolling directions of symmetrical and symmetrical tyres is switched. In this event, directional tyres should be removed from the rims to retain their correct rolling direction. The chart above applies to both symmetrical and asymmetrical tyres. The switching should ensure that the rolling direction is reversed. In case of severe saw-tooth tyre wear, the tyres can be evened out using a special device available in some tyre service centres, which may diminish their durability. It should, however, be noted, that this kind of uneven wear does not directly influence the driving safety, it just decreases comfort by increasing noise levels.
  3. I had a Mk1 for quite a few years, but before Christmas I had to 'retire' the old girl, and settled on the Focus ... next car I'm saving for (in a few years) will be a Deep Impact Blue Titanium X Sport Kuga ...
  4. Randomly parked up in St Andrew's Quay car park in 'ull on Sunday .... completed a full set Zetec's and ST's Excuse the wonky (temporary) parking ... the fruity coloured ST wasn't lined up too well ... or maybe (and more likely) the lines on the car park aren't straight ...
  5. Couple of pics of the Kuga .. I should really move on ;) Hull-Liverpool-Hull in one night - pic taken outside the liver building "Grip when others slip..." note ICONIC White Phone Box ;)
  6. HugaKuga

    kuga liverpool

    Hull to Liverpool and back (taxiing my ladies) to a Derulo concert ... quick pic outside the liver building
  7. Grip when others slip Iconic ... White Telephone box
  8. Sorry was trying to avoid a hard to read ETIS list ... The 2015 Zetec S Has 18 X 8 8 Spoke Y Silver Wheel Accessory Media Hub 1XUSB Console - With Closed Bin DTRL Lamp Lit In Pos 0 And Pos Dual Power Htd Signal Mirrors Emergency Assistance Full Dress Up RSO #2 Grille-Lower Surround - Dk Slf Clr Grille-Upper Painted High Mounted Stop Lamp W/Clear Lens ICE-Mid Aud(1C) With Cnectv + DAB Kit - Enhanced Tyre Repair SVC Locking Wheel Nuts MFD High TFT Screen Midline ICE ICP My Key Outside Air Temperature Present Power Frt Window-1 Tch Dwn-Dr Only Rocker Panel Moulding - Sport Standard Duty Fr/Rr Calp And Pads Starter - Stop/Start System Steering Wheel - 3 Spoke Leather Style 1 Tether Anchorage Restraint Sunvisor-Driver Vinyl W/Mirr Insert Sunvisor-Pass Vinyl W/Mirr Insert Tail lamps - LED Rear Tyre Inflation Monitor Lvl II Tyre Pressure Sensors - 433 MHZ Unique Met Finish Foot Pedals Pads With 6 Speakers With Aluminum Interior Door Handles With Black Headlamp Bezels With Body Coloured Exterior Mirror With Bright Door Frame Moulding With Dipping Rear View Mirror With Door Entry Remote Control Unit With Driver 4 Way Mnl.Seat Adjuster With Driver Seat Recliner - Rotary With Drivers Manual Lumbar Support With Fog Lamp Bezel With Front Bumper Extension With Front Fog Lamps With Glove Box Illumination With Handling Suspension With Heated Washer Jet With Heated Windscreen With High Back Front Seats With Hill Launch Assist With Ice Feature Pack 2A With Instrument Cluster - Rheostat With Isofix Hard Point Attachment With Keyless Start With Kysor Radiator Shutter With Large Single Wing Rear Spoiler With Leather Gear Shift Knob With Leather Handbrake Grip With Load Area Cover With Load Compartment Lamp With Load Floor Carpet With Manual Headlamp Levelling With Manual Liftgate With Manual Rear Windows With Mechanical Parking Brake With Media Gateway Module With Message Centre With Mini Overhead Console With Padded Dash With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust With Passenger Air Bag With Privacy Glass With Rear Bumper Skirt With Rear Center Head Restraint With Remote Controlled Tailgate Release With RH Front Door Armrest With Safeguard Anti-Theft Sys(Pats) With Single Rear Fog Lamp With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers With Steering Wheel Radio Controls With Supplemental Air Heater With Trip Computer With Two Piece Rear Seat Cushion With Variable Intermittent Windscreen Wiper Doesn't have Less A/V Jack Less Auto Headlamps Less Automated Parking System Less Auxiliary Roof Rack Crossbars Less Blind Spot Information System Less Camera Less Cell Phone Interface System Less Collision Mitigation System Less Compass Display Less Console Ashtray Less Decklid Liner Less Door Auto Relocking Less Door Edge Guards Less Driver Impairment Monitor Less Electrical Outlet Less Exterior Dress Up Package Less Fire Extinguisher Fixings Less Footwell Lights Less Frame Mounted Fuel Filter Less Front Bumper Sensor Device Less Front Door Sill Protection Less Front Floor Mats Less Front License Plate Bracket Less Front Mudflaps Less Front Parking Aid Less Gaseous Prep Pack Less Global/Auto Closing Less Header Mounted Map Light Less Headlamp Control Less Headlamp Washer/Wiper Less Heated Steering Wheel Less Immersion Heater (no bath then;) ) Less Instrument Gauges Less Interior Light Group Less Interior Pack Less Interior Partition Less Lane Keeping Aid Less Load Compartment Loops Less Load Retention Net Less Low Speed Safety System Less Luggage Compartment Net Kit Less Manual Shift Auto Trans Less Mass Customization Package Less Navigation Data Less Navigation System Less Occupant Sensor Less Partitioning Bezels Less Passenger Air Bag Deactivation Less Passenger Seat Lumbar Support Less Power Point Plug - Rear Less Radio Subwoofer Less Rear Coat Hook Less Rear Floor Mats Less Rear Mudflaps Less Rear Parking Aid Less Rear Seat Centre Armrest Less Rear Side Air Bag Restraint Less Restraint Devices Less Roof Rack Less Sales Badge Less Spare Wheel Less Seat Track Covers Less Second Remote Ignition Key Less SIP Less Smokers Package Less Spare Tyre Less Special Equipment Package Less Special Front Seat Covers Less Special Order Paint Less Special Rear Seat Covers Less Special Seat Covers Less Speed Control Less Speed Sign Recognition Less Style Pack Less Sun Roof Less SVO Application/Label Less Temp Control Driver Seat Less Temp Control Passengers Seat Less Tonneau Cover Less Towing Pre-Pack Less Trailer Coupling Less Trailer Sway Control (TSC) Less U/Body Corrosion Protect Less VP Application Label Less Water Wading Equipment Less Wheel Covers Less Windshield Heat Shielding
  9. As a list of has / doesn't have (from ETIS) - I've cut out some of the standard stuff ... like "with roof" It's interesting that it's got more "manual" things (rear windows, seat adjustment etc), but I could argue that this is more to do with sporty weight saving rather than penny pinching ;) But it has a big spoiler (check) and lovely alloys (check) so I'm happy :) EDIT : wait a minute I'll try that again it's supposed to be in table format
  10. I did look at the Deep Impact Blue (if that's the Focus equivalent) but in the end went for the Magnet. I had a Panther black car last, it looked fabulous for like three seconds after washing ... there's a lot of styling details in the Focus mk3.5 (I keep thinking there are dents in the rear wings etc) and the magnet grey is just light enough that you can see them ... :) I do like the rear skirt on the mk3 Zetec S
  11. Bugger ... that was the cheapest upgrade ever on my mk1 Kuga Zetec, just put (LED) bulbs in the holders to make it a Titanium ;) ...was hoping to do the same on the Focus ... I also miss the interior mood lighting on the Kuga (two discrete orange lights shining down on the centre console area) ... I can't find anything in the centre console in the Focus when it's dark ...
  12. Hi I wondered as well... there are details here http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/58405-want-some-club-stickers/ They're included (free) as part of the premium membership, but it looks like they're not available to buy (is this still true?)
  13. I noticed this as well :- On normal continuous wipe that the drivers one sweeps down to about 3" from park position On intermittent the drivers wiper stops about 1" from the park position* Then if you turn them off, they fully park down out of sight *I really like this as it's easy to see visually that you've got the wipers on intermittent.
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