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  1. Kateysan

    Parking like your Momma

    Probably 😬😂 For sure. There will be a whole line of bigger cars, all with reasonable spaces left in between and WHAM! My little Fiesta boxed in. Even when a more reasonable space is left, it's still tight.
  2. Kateysan

    Parking like your Momma

    Have any other Fiesta drivers noticed that some people seem to think that just because your Fiesta is a small car they can park up closer to you than a Wilkinson sword shave? 😡 Twice in the last month or so!! Strongly worded notes were written I can tell you.
  3. Not so new now after a year but yes, I love her!! Big test coming up as I am travelling around the UK from Glasgow to Oxford to London to Wales. Looking forward to seeing how she goes!! Yes the cabin noise is bad but as I was advised on this thread....turn the radio up 😁
  4. Believe me, it took me a while to figure it out. It probably happened when I slumped against the car in frustration and realised that worked 😂
  5. Kateysan

    Glasgow to Oxford in my Ecoboost - am I mad?

    Thanks guys!! Appreciate the advice, a few friends were saying I was mad to attempt it but I'm stubborn like that So lessons learnt: regular rest stops, eat pasties, pee every 20 mins, look longingly at cars with cruise control, invent car games to relieve the boredom, pray to the motorway Gods that there are no accidents en route and make sure the hotel has a cold glass of something ready the second I arrive! Got it
  6. Kateysan

    Glasgow to Oxford in my Ecoboost - am I mad?

    No cruise control, don't do enough motorway driving in Ireland to warrant it. Old fashioned driving all the way!!
  7. The 2016 Titanium had the full spare wheel thank goodness!! Mats too, but tbh if there hadn't been mats at the new car price, I would've unleashed hell lol.
  8. Kateysan

    Glasgow to Oxford in my Ecoboost - am I mad?

    Cheers guys. Was more worried the route planners were way off as they give you the 'no traffic' 'no incidents ahead' version! I'm not looking forward to it but to me it was preferable to stopping somewhere I'd no interest in being!
  9. You need to relax the nozzle base against cap. I was always pushing it or holding the nozzle handle upwards thinking it was pushing nozzle nose down but this will cut out the fuel line every time. Just let it lie and it's fine every time!
  10. Well a year on I have not regretted my choice one little bit. I LOVE the drive, got used to the pedals, drowned out the ridiculous cabin noise by cranking up the tunes and no longer care about the still random reverse gear slippage!
  11. Looking for a bit of advice, not strictly Fiesta related but is in a way I guess as I'm driving one! I'm touring around U.K. soon and had planned on doing the drive from Glasgow to Oxford in my 100 PS Ecoboost Fiesta, no overnight stopover. Am I crazy? The route planners are saying about 5.5 hours but is that even a reality? Any advice would be really appreciated!
  12. Ok, so it seems that no matter where I park my car I am on a direct flight path of 2 sets of nesting birds who love to relieve themselves on my car with EVERY flight! Seriously, I had just cleaned it, emptied the bucket, turned round & 3 new splats on bonnet. Can't keep cleaning it every 5 mins lol. Also need to protect paintwork from sunscreen. My old car got destroyed with handprints thanks to sunscreen (not even mine I might add). What have people found works best with metallic paint? Any particular wax?
  13. Kateysan

    Ecoboost 100PS Mileage display - any advice?

    Lol, I just realised that ford owners club have removed a word from my original post that started with 'bl' and the end sounded like uddy. If that is what passes for bad language they wouldn't want to be a passenger in my car when I am a stuck behind a terrible driver!!
  14. Kateysan

    Ecoboost 100PS Mileage display - any advice?

    Cheers, will try this when home this evening. I searched everywhere both in the menu and the manual and could not find an answer so really appreciate it. The kms to 0 makes me too nervous lol.
  15. Driving in Ireland so we are kms now - took a lot of getting used to and I still tend to convert to miles every now and then - no idea why! It was fun driving in the UK recently in a car with only kms on the speedometer. Lots of conversion of speeds going on 😀