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  1. And that from being 100% clear of rust last year when I checked. Car came off the line in Mar 2016, when I first heard about the rust issue back mid 2017 I checked and nothing, just over a year later rust. Looks like Ford need to buy shares in an anti-rust paint factory.
  2. Ruh-ro! Checked pipes and signs of rust that weren't there last year when I checked. 2016 reg 45K on clock. Still, will just get them to look at it during next service and stand my ground, they're a pretty good Ford dealership to deal with. On another note, how the he'll do you attach pictures on here now? I can attach files or URLs but it won't access my gallery.
  3. Crap on a stick....hope you were ok after that, looks nasty!
  4. Nice to see things are looking up for you. Onwards and upwards now.
  5. It seems though that a lot with the rust issues are 2013 models with the degas pipe replacement. I must look at mine again, I have checked before and they seem fine. One thing I have always noticed since I got the car is the bubbling sound the coolant makes when engine is turned off. I got the garage to double check for leaks but all seemed good or so they said!!
  6. I remain hopeful that my Ecoboost (with 0 recalls) drives for many a year to come with only the usual issues as it ages.
  7. And don't get me wrong, those who cars were affected by defaults deserve to be recompensed but for those of us whose cars weren't affected by the recalls, people will just associate Ecoboost = avoid.
  8. Well the BBC potentially wiped the resale value of the Ecoboost engine cars. Just reading all the comments on FB under their article and a gazillion 'car experts' who obviuosly didn't read the article urging all their friends, family and strangers to get rid of their Ford cars 😐
  9. Probably 😬😂 For sure. There will be a whole line of bigger cars, all with reasonable spaces left in between and WHAM! My little Fiesta boxed in. Even when a more reasonable space is left, it's still tight.
  10. Have any other Fiesta drivers noticed that some people seem to think that just because your Fiesta is a small car they can park up closer to you than a Wilkinson sword shave? 😡 Twice in the last month or so!! Strongly worded notes were written I can tell you.
  11. Not so new now after a year but yes, I love her!! Big test coming up as I am travelling around the UK from Glasgow to Oxford to London to Wales. Looking forward to seeing how she goes!! Yes the cabin noise is bad but as I was advised on this thread....turn the radio up 😁
  12. Believe me, it took me a while to figure it out. It probably happened when I slumped against the car in frustration and realised that worked 😂
  13. Thanks guys!! Appreciate the advice, a few friends were saying I was mad to attempt it but I'm stubborn like that So lessons learnt: regular rest stops, eat pasties, pee every 20 mins, look longingly at cars with cruise control, invent car games to relieve the boredom, pray to the motorway Gods that there are no accidents en route and make sure the hotel has a cold glass of something ready the second I arrive! Got it
  14. No cruise control, don't do enough motorway driving in Ireland to warrant it. Old fashioned driving all the way!!