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  1. Haha! That is the exact problem I have @Zirk 😂 Did you get a kit and install it yourself or take it to a specialist?
  2. Hello guys I have noticed that when driving in the dark my standard Halogen bulbs aren't that great, I have heard about Osram doing good bulbs, but just think that Hids may be the best way forward. Do you think Hids are worth while or just go for some Osrams. Thanks in advance! - Ben
  3. Do you know if it will be a straight forward fix at all? There must be a YouTube video 🤔
  4. Ahh! That is reassuring, and yes it is iantt. It is a 62 reg Can I get a new switch/button at a local scrapy? Thanks again
  5. Hi guys I have a slight problem with my Fiesta Ecoboost, as my boot will not open unless I use my key fob. Before anyone asks, the car is definitely unlocked haha I don't know if it is a loose wire or just a broken button. Are there any checks I can do? I called Ford up and to just have a look at it they want £85 Thanks in advance - Ben
  6. Hello! I have been looking online for some Zetec S red/black edition seats for my Fiesta Ecoboost. I have found a seller selling two on eBay, but just wondered if any of you know where I could pick up a set of seats from? Many thanks - Ben
  7. Oh! What are these!? Yeah send me a link if you can, and what do you mean they interfere with radio?
  8. Hello GingerFlame Thanks for the reply, what about these HIDs? Also are my lights Projectors H7 or Reflector H7r?
  9. They are! Pirelli's are a touchy topic, great tyres but are shown in the price. Must of been gutted with a puncture! I heard that Falken tyres are meant to be good value for money
  10. Hello, I have a pretty much a standard 62 reg Fiesta Ecoboost and want to slowly introduce a few mods and start with some subtle light bulb changes on the exterior of the car. This is a well talked about topic, but I wondered what are the best bulbs you have/had? Also, is it possible and worthwhile installing a HIDS kit onto my Zetec Fiesta? I would like the new bulbs to be a white/blue colour and the colour to be matching the lights all around the car. Any suggestions are appreciated
  11. I have Continental 'Sport Contact 2' on my front and back and they stick like glue. Do wear down fairly quick, and especially the front being FWD. But not awful and also quite expensive at around £80 each. But no problems with Continental and would recommend!
  12. That is clever, once you put it onto your Ecoboost then let me know how it differs! I am interested to see how much difference it'll make. It sounds pretty impressive!
  13. Hello, wonder if any one can help or has had a similar problem. I have set my Fiesta's wing-mirrors to fold in when I lock my car. However, when I lock my car and the wing-mirrors are fully folded, my right wing-mirror makes a squeaky sound and it lasts for about 5-10 seconds? Any guesses to why this is? I may record it next time it happens if need be Cheers
  14. That sounds interesting How does it work? Does it cut turbo lag? I had a look at a few youtube vids and it has a control for the pedal box, Sport+, Sport and City?
  15. Cheers Mark! Oh right, but can that do the turbo any damage?