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  1. 'engine Warning Light' On

    We are not really doing many miles. Just around town and kids school runs. Why would Ford say it would be ok if there might be a possibility of further damage? Thanks.
  2. My 2011 Smax 'engine warning light' came on yesterday. Spoke to Ford and the earliest that they can look at it is next Thursday! They said it was ok drive as it is not flashing but I'm not convinced. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. Cheers for response. Please excuse my naivety but woukd do you mean by 'the on board test and see what dtc's come up'. Thanks.
  4. My 2001 Smax 'engine warning light' came on yesterday and has stayed on. Spoke to Ford garage and earliest they can look at it is weeks time! They said it was ok to drive but I'm not conviced. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Cheers.
  5. reversing lamps

    Hi Have had my smax for nearly 2 years. I have had a few problems so far and I now have a problem with no reversing lights when reversing. Have checked bulbs and fuse which are both good. Help please with any possible answers. Cheers. stu.