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  1. Show us yourself

    This is a good idea to put pics up, put a name to a face so i feel as im new i should know my face, but..... please dont be too scared i dont bite!! Me and ma best buddies By the way im the ginger one!! G.A.P.... Ginger And Proud!!
  2. Why do they do it?

    ah i seeeeeeee...... cheers for that. Im going to have to tell my mates that later. i was only going on what they have told me! wont do that any more. Does make sence now you've told me that, kinda whats the word, SAFER!! :)
  3. First On Race Day

    you know the thing that people do with makes of cars they take the name and make something out of it, the ones i know for ford - Found On Road Dead (true for one of mine!) First On Race Day Fiat - Fix It Again Tomorrow Pontiac - i wont say that one as it could offend! i know i few more but just wanted to see what you peeps out there know!! so add away :-)

    Too Right!!! bring them back, should have stocks right in the center of every town and city in the UK. But where i am in Reading we would need a massive area just for it, its full of skum like that!! Would love to be able to throw tomatoes and eggs (possibly hard boiled) at the skum that broke into my car and nicked my headrest with the screen in BUT forgot the box thingy under the seat to make it work!! Dumb... errrmm..... muppets!!! all they probably wanted it for was to sell it to buy a bit of wackey backey!!! Thing is with hanging, i think its a mint idea, BUT i know they deserve it, but i couldnt watch!! however if they knew they could get hung for it then the probably wont do it in the first place, and if they do then.... they deserve it because they are so thick!!
  5. Why do they do it?

    it really does do my head in when people are crawling along in the middle lane, but if they are doing under 70 i will undertake them because, correct me if im wrong, but its not against the law to undertake someone who is doing less than 70mph on the motorway. But if they are doing 70mph i will over take them, and pull right back into the slow lane to show them what they should be doing!!! The thing that really grinds my gears when driving is people who do 40mph in a 50 section but when it turns into a 30mph they carry on at 40mph!! and lane disopline GRRRRR there is a roundabout near where i live and the main route goes left but i always go right.... the matey in the left lane ALWAYS comes into my lane, its just lazy!!! good job i got an air horn on my motor! lol
  6. newbie!!!

    Hi All, well im new on here, im only 19, but i love fords!! I got 3 escorts a mk6 that my brother kindly wrote off for me and 2 Mk4 XR3i convertables. I personally think they are brilliant cars, easy to work on, fast, and stylish! Allll right! But i wont be a ford owner for much longer :( but its all for a good cause and i will be back in a 3i soon!!! i dont only own fords unfortunatly, i got a 306 GTi-6 B) , and a fiat sciento 0.9, bit of a down size but they are soooo fun to drive. Anyway, dont really know what else to put soooo look forward to getting to know people on here :D Nicki
  7. hi all, ive got a bit of a headache thinking about my Mk4 escorts XR3i, both have big problems, 1 with mega electric problems and to someone who doesnt like electrics its a headache, BUT the engine in it is a cracker, prob one of the best standard XR3i engines ive driven! the second one has good electrics but slight engine probs but still runs, with a major water leak! BUT here is the main thing, i dont really have time for them, i could sell them as a pair to then make one really nice car with loads of spares, OR should i just sell them seperatly?? i just want them gone as i am really skint at min. Hard decision :( as i love them to bits but i can get one later on in life!!! am really umming and arrrring about it so, let me know what you think i should do because i really dont have a clue!! <_< bit of a pointless topic but, hey ho! cheers B)