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  1. Ford Fiesta '09 Bluetooth Audio

    I'm not sure if you can stream your iPod via bluetooth, but I'm almost certain you can't use your steering wheel controls. If I were you, I would buy one of those FM/radio transmitters, which creates your own radio station, and then tune your stereo to it - easier, definitely works and cost effective.
  2. Reset Oil Change Warning Light

    I had to press the gas and brake before I've put the key in... turned the key till I see the light.... keep the pedals down for about a minute... the orange oil light flashes, a red oil light comes on.... and then when I let go the pedals, both the message and the oil lights are gone. Thanks for your help guys, much appreciated
  3. Reset Oil Change Warning Light

    Thanks for your help. The google translate doesn't translate it 100%, so perhaps you can help translate some of the answers for me? Thanks again
  4. Reset Oil Change Warning Light

    Warning light / message
  5. Tiny USB stick for Fiesta

    Excellent find
  6. Hi all, does anyone know how to reset the oil change service light? It comes on the centre screen under "Messages" and also an orange oil light comes on the dashboard. I've already changed the oil myself.
  7. Trip Computer Accuracy

    My example was posted here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...ost&p=34453
  8. I think the trip computer under-calculates...mines says 61.3 mpg at the moment. Take my real life example:- - This time last week, I topped up a full tank - filled till it clicked. - I driven 494 miles - Today I filled it up till it clicked, I've managed to put in 33.4 litres - 33.4 litres = 7.35 gallons (using 1 gallon = 4.54 litres) - 494 divided by 7.35 = 67.2 mpg I think that's very impressive! :)
  9. Ford Fiesta '09 Bluetooth Audio

    Well I got my Nokia 6220 Classic now.... I can't seem to get Bluetooth Audio/Music player thing to work. I press AUX twice, and nothing happens. USB is out. Yes I know, I could use USB, but I'm fussy and wanna try all these little gadgets out! :-) I definitely don't see a Mobile Navigation option, but another thread said that's not an option for any Fiesta before July 09. I brought the Nokia 6220 Classic because of all these added features...... somebody please show me how to bring out the whole Bluetooth shabang. P.S. Bluetooth phone works perfectly
  10. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    Thanks, finally someone knows something about it. Is it not possible to upgrade the existing Bluetooth + USB software to work with Mobile Navigation?
  11. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    Do you know how I could get in touch with Ford, perhaps their direct e-mail? I've tried through their website two weeks ago, no reply yet.
  12. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    Whats wrong? Anyway.... I got my Nokia 6220 Classic, I can't seem to get any Mobile Navigation working. Not even Bluetooth music streaming! There are no extra menus in the Ford Fiesta phone mode. The only thing I get extra on my Nokia (in comparison to my old Sony Ericsson w800i) is Signal strength and call list (missed, received, dailed calls) option. Also phone book is a lot quicker. Can anyone shed some light on this Ford Mobile Navigation? Maybe even some information from a Ford technician?
  13. Done nearly 4000 miles in my econetic and the computer is telling me I'm getting 60.9mpg, which is pretty amazing stuff. No where near what the marketing figures are but I'm very happy with it. I do about 50/50 motorway and town driving.
  14. Sat Nav

    If you've never owned a sat nav before, I'd like to add, its nice to have one with a bigger screen.
  15. Fiesta MK7 Mobile Navigation

    I also want to know a bit more about this... I buying a Nokia 6220 Classic. This should have this feature. What phone have you got jimbo?