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  1. Just and up date removed all fuses and fuse box cleaned and reassembled and no change, so the next thing would be that the cluster is starting to fail or am I missing somthing
  2. It's got a few fault codes that have shown up going to take the fuse box apart under the bonnet to night and have a look for water ingress
  3. So scanned the car today and I'm getting, audio control module u0155 and ignition key compare failure b159a, any ideas where to head next 😥😥😥
  4. Dosnt work on this modle of focus it would appear 😞
  5. Could these 2 problems be start of a bigger problem tho ?
  6. Cheers il give it a go in the morning and let you no how it gos thanks
  7. That's for earlier models unfortunately mine hasnt got an ignition with a turnable key barrel but thanks
  8. Yeah tried that and cleaned up the earth cable would the instrument cluster give this type of faults as the display is still clear and it's not cutting out. Yes it was a garage that done the work knew I should of done it myself
  9. Bit of a strange one here had the alternator changed on my 2010 focus and since then it's had a few problems, clock isn't holding its time and the central locking won't work off the fob. Checked fuse 106 and that's fine so not sure what else to check with the clock problem. The central locking I've changed the fob battery cant pair the fob with the car as its keyless entry and the key must be paired as it still opens the doors if I lock it with the key some times it auto locks and sometimes it doesn't garage adamant it must of been like that 😤 any help please
  10. Could you put a link up for the alternator please as the cheapest 1 I can find is £120
  11. Yes put a drop tester on battery and checked charge out put and also tested with a multi meter and I'm getting 12.4 volts with a steady drop which would suggest that the alternator is not working unless anyone can suggest something else
  12. so driving home yesterday and had a few gremlins with my focus 2010 1.8 petrol zetec s focus, I believe the alternator to be at fault, anyone changed one and how much of a pain is it going to be or dose anyone know of any links to a how to i could watch all the ones I've seen have been a totally different setup to my car. cheers x
  13. not really was going to lower it just been pushed along due to not being able to match the springs was just going to do tje springs but nvm got it all now apart from torque settings
  14. my cars handling hasnt been very good lately and after having a look noticed a snapped spring, great phoned up to get a spring from fords only to be told they need the band colours off my springs to be able to match them so, changing all springs and shocks. dose anyone have the torque settings for the suspension that il be changing and whats the easiest way to remove rear spring. thanks x
  15. I dont think its something theyve done at fords just bad timing on the cars part
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