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  1. Hi, have you definatly check areas like the manifold joint, etc
  2. 1.4tdci defo has the priming bulb... prime for 30 pumps and you should be ok. chsnging it is very easy. 1x holding clamp to remove then it’s just a case of removing the pipe and refitting is the reverse.
  3. Ive never removed it myself. I believe you can pop the cover off and remove it from the top of the cover.
  4. Hi, its under the circular disc that sits on the top of your inlet manifold. Locate your oil filler cap then 6 inch to the right of it is a circular cap... it’s under there. Hope me this helps.
  5. They do haze over due to ozone. I cleaned mine up with toothpaste. Google it fella.
  6. It might do to unlock it but possibly won’t tighten up as The bolt spins around with the pulley. You need to lock the flywheel to prevent it rotating. I did it with a 10mm drillbit.
  7. To answer my own question, in case anyone come across this in the future. 1, yes it needs to be locked. 2, looking at front of car, just above the flexi exhaust pipe there is a 12mm hole to insert a rod into.... rotate crankshaft until the rod engages in flywheel hole then it’s very easy to undo crankshaft pulley bolt. Acvording to Manuel you do not need a new bolt... just apply thread lock compound to it. Ive just done mine in 30 mins and it is not so much quieter and smoother. so thanks to me.
  8. Hi, i haveva 2003 1.4 tdci and need to renew the crankshaft pulley. My 2 questions are ..... 1, do I need to lock the flywheel or can I just wiz the bolt off normally? 2, if I do need to lock the flywheel off, where is this hole the Haynes talk of. Does anyone have any pictures as these can speak a thousand words. many thanks Joe
  9. Mine has one, replace and it’s great.
  10. Hey, just had new new clutch plus dmf etc fitted and it now feels half it’s age. It it has much more GO off the line, it’s smoother and a pleasure to drive. It wasnt cheap but so so worth it,
  11. Hi, Sounds to me either a bad bearing (alternator or tensioner) or a very bad crank pulley.
  12. I don't know too much but I believe that the pedal and sensor are 1 unit. So if it's bad the whole thing needs replacing.
  13. If it's a wish then prob an air leak/gap Ina pipe. The whoosh is sir either being sucked in or pushed out of somewhere. I'd check all hoses.
  14. Heat did indeed work.... however the bolt is a bit nasty... still looking for for a replacement online.
  15. Hi everyone. Foes anyone know the size of the rear lower shock bolt? Im trying to change the shocks but one side will not budge and looks very rusty and I may need to cut it off etc. But im having problems finding a replacement. Many help appreciated. Thanks jo