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  1. Thanks Whelk only prob it i drove 3.5 hours to get car!! lol! Well i was wondering if maybe it was this common fault on focus with the speed sensor or the instrument cluster....????? I am covered with a warrenty from the dealer....wasnt ford i bought it from and covered up to £500, but was wondering if anyone had the same and fixed it :((((
  2. Hi all, So i went out and bought a 54 plate Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia Yesterday and after driving for 3 hours it decided to (on the M25) to go mental and all the dash lights come on and just came back on again, there was no need to start the engine up again as it didnt cut out but juddered as if i changed gear real quick and it pulls back kind of thing. The immobiliser light comes on when doing this also but then again another 30 lights come on on the dash too.... However it also today and another journey yesterday decided it wont put all the lights on all the time, that would be to simple its decided now that only the immobiliser light will come on and it will still judder like a new driver changing gear!!!!, oh and if playing a cd it will cut out slightly. Oh and just to top it off it also likes to randomly have the windscreen wipers on! this only happened about 25 times on a one hour journey yesterday. NOTE: 1. i am not a new driver 2. I am not semi stalling it as it is moving at 70 or more miles an hour 3. i do not have the windscreen wipers on intermittent. 4. its not at any certain speed or if i go over bumps PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!