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  1. I did initially, didn’t last too long. Whatever works I guess!
  2. Ended up sticking the front ones on with some EvoStik silicone stuff in the end and that’s worked a treat for the past 6 months. Just done the rear ones 👍
  3. As an owner of a MK3 who’s just stuck his door seals back on for the 738262828th time, this made me chuckle with sadness 😂
  4. Definitely interested in some kind of guide / how to! Where did you get the parts from? eBay?
  5. Had a similar issue recently on mine (they found it during the service), didn't take the tray off so couldn't tell you exactly where it was coming from, but it was a little damp on the tray. They replaced the water pump and the problem has since been fixed.
  6. So want to try this. What's the response time like on the cell network? Do you have to wait a while for it to respond to you?
  7. My MK3 has exactly the same issue, noticed it doesn't always do it, seems to be when the clutch is 'cold' for me.
  8. Nice! Absolutely love the black and red combination. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I went from a MK2.5 1.8TDCi to a MK3 125ps and actually felt like it had more power (in fairness, numbers wise it does have a tad more HP), feels more punchy which is still mind blowing for a 1L 3 cylinder engine! Love my MK3 Titanium X, sounds like the 3.5 has some good improvements. Although looking through Alex's list above most of the things I've never considered 'problems'.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of price is that going to work out to be with an engine swap?
  11. AaronF

    The new RS

    That would be very interesting if they brought the AWD system to the version of the Focus for us mere mortals! I've just got my MK3 Focus so hopefully np plans to upgrade soon aha.
  12. Was passing my local Ford garage this morning and out of the corner of my eye saw the distinctive blue of the new RS, had to turn around and go in for a look! (Bonus Mustang but pffft, common cars! ;) ) One day...for now I'll keep my 1L Ecoboost!
  13. I've noticed mine (MK3) don't seem to be super sensitive, when it starts to get a little overcast towards the end of the day and you see a lot of other peoples lights come on, mine still seem to be off. The one thing I would say is that mine seem to come on just a tad earlier than I would turn on the lights in a manual car (which I consider a good thing). I'm wondering if there is some kind of timer? I.e. the sensor has to detect below a certain threshold of light for X amount of seconds, hence the reason they don't always come on going under bridges etc?
  14. I had a slightly similar issue on my previous Focus, it would "stutter" between 1.8k and 3k and above that be fine. Ended up being the fuel pump that was disintegrating by itself. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk