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  1. anthsfocus

    Focus mk2 2009 bulbs

    Hi I currently have the osram night breaker bulbs in but I'm after some that give more of a blue tint anyone know which ones I need to get? Cheers
  2. anthsfocus

    mk7 fiesta smell of burning

    Okay mate thanks
  3. anthsfocus

    mk7 fiesta smell of burning

    My 2010 fiesta has a smell of burning when I switch the engine off after driving anybody know what it could be? Cheers
  4. anthsfocus

    New grill and exhaust

    Cheers will do
  5. anthsfocus

    New grill and exhaust

    m1tch Cheers not sure how low to go don't want to have any issues
  6. anthsfocus

    zetec s mats?

    Does anyone know where I could get some fiesta mk7 zetec s car mats with the zetec s logo? Cheers
  7. anthsfocus

    New grill and exhaust

    Thanks dezwez Just need it lowered now
  8. anthsfocus

    New grill and exhaust

    Just thought I would pop a few pics up of my new grill and exhaust
  9. anthsfocus

    New wheels

    That's the next thing to do on my list ☺ Just not sure whether to go 35 or 30 mI
  10. anthsfocus

    New wheels

    Thanks and it is midnight sky ☺
  11. anthsfocus

    New wheels

    Just got these beauty's today
  12. anthsfocus


    My 2010 fiesta zetec s
  13. They sound noisy is this normal ? Even when the car is warmed up you can still hear them
  14. anthsfocus

    Aerial base

  15. anthsfocus

    Aerial base

    I've just bought a fiesta zetec s 2010 and I've just broke the aerial but it has snapped inside the base I've searched eBay and can't find any to fithe my 2010 I've been in touch with ford and they want me to buy the full kit with wiring but all I need is the based does anyone know any shops I can get one from? I don't have time to go to Wright off places Thanks