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  1. Thanks Tom mate, it's getting there but more visual elements to be coming soon as made some purchases at Ford Fair ;) Yeah aha completely different now. much much better but it always wants to go! How you doing mate, still enjoying the Fezza?
  2. Thanks bro really happy with the lower stance, feels better to drive as well. Tried my best, car is over 11 years old but can still get some good results with some effort :) Exactly this it's really woken the beast up, sounds alot better now with the KMS downpipe and remap. Goes like ***** off a shovel, and like you say is even more surprising at higher speeds when it just keeps pulling Thank you mate, still need to sort spacers out for the front and get some 20mm for the back (15mm at the mo). Yep it looks 10x better now it sits level and lower, couldn't stand the arch gap on the rear from standard! Yeah man the map is quite amazing to be honest. Was quicker on pulls on the way to Silverstone than my friends which is running 370 bhp with forged internals, LSD and hybrid turbo.. he was not best pleased
  3. Okay so update time... it's been ages! This post will document my preparation and mod list up and till Ford Fair 2017 which kicked off on the weekend of the 5th & 6th of August! Where to start aha god.. So first modification on the list was engine bay prep and by that I mean getting my engine covers in good shape! For the base colour I decided to go with Panther Black which matches the car. It has some incredible metalic flake in it and looks a bit different to just a gloss black! I then used a paint pen to do the writing in a bright lime green to bring out some colour to the bay! Sorry the quality of pictures are bad and dont do any justice for the level of depth and fleck in the paintwork! Next modification was one to change the visuals externally quite a bit! Finally got the lowering springs on.. Before It's now been dropped on Eibach Redline sport springs and this is how the stance is now As you can see the car sits way more level now, and sits a lot lower to the wheels - perfect! Also helps with the stance and looks better at the rear now with the spacers on as well.. complimented eachother well Also decided to paint the boost gauge pod at the top of my interior into the Panther Black as well Also got some graphics and new gel badge overlays ready for Ford Fair now that I got my stage 3 done with Collins Performance (CP 340) Also repainted my front splitter (on the car) as the paint was fading a lot and it looked dreadful.. once again used Panther Black to match the car paint colour! Day of Ford Fair Weekend.. up at 6 AM for full wash, clay bar, polish, glaze & wax before heading up to Silverstone! Had the partner in crime with me too We met up with my other group of friends for a big convoy down to Silverstone where we camped the night before the show FORD FAIR 2017 SHOTS Official entrance photo :P Have had a good few weeks with the car. For those wondering the stage 3 collins performance 340 is an absolute dream and I get excited to drive the car anywhere...
  4. Thanks Barry, always looking in on my project! I wasn't sure if I was going to be at a good level of performance for Ford Fair as it's all been a bit of a rush, so by the time I looked into getting it on track the spots were already filled! I hadn't even looked at track insurance, and as its my daily as well I wouldn't want anything to happen! Maybe next year :) Yup please do, it will be on the Ford Mania Stand :) Thank you Yunii, hopefully the power it will be attaining in T Minus 2 days will give it justice to the looks! Thanks again Matt, glad to see the modifications I'm making are being recepted well! Loving the car at the moment
  5. Been a while since I posted here so apologies for that, have got a little to add and one big announcement at the end! So first off have gone to a few meets recently so got the car looking clean for that! Had a little fun giving it a blast whilst there.. everyone loves flames right? Once the meet was finished, a few of us decided to head into London for a late night cruise and we stopped off at the London eye. I do want to go back and take some more pictures with a better camera, and get some of the graffiti tunnel as well as it was shut the night we cruised up! The day after this I got a new delivery, which was obviously going to be car parts of some sort ;) Ordered a KMS 3 inch downpipe to complete my 3 Inch turbo-back exhaust system. So will now be running KMS downpipe with Mongoose Decat & Mongoose Section 59 exhaust system! Also got the stage 8 locking downpipe bolts to go with it from Autospecialst, as it's quite a common issue for these ST's to push the bolts out when on boost. This shouldn't happen now with these added at the same time! I also made a few small alterations to the car... one being dust caps. Apologies the wheels were not clean at all! Got some green ones to keep theme going. Another change I had to make was my shortened ariel. The one I had purchased was only cheap off of ebay, and I wanted it for the style as it was carbon and black based. However learnt my lesson here, came back out the other day and it was a lovely shade of bronze.. And finally after these changes were on just took a quick snap Not looking to bad! Taking off my splitter on Saturday and giving it a fresh link of paint ahead of Ford Fair, probably going to go with Panther Black like my car as the added flake effect does look nice in the sun!! May be doing a few other things that day as well! HOWEVER, the most important thing is that the car is booked in for it's REMAP on the 27th!! From Stage 0 stock power (225 bhp & 230 ft lb of torque) to Stage 3 power (340 bhp & 400 ft lb of torque which is quite a bit past an RS of same gen!). The car will be going to BD Performance (same place that did my engine strengthen) but to their main branch in Wrexham. It will be a 3 hour drive each way but worth it to have it done ready for the biggest show of the year ; Ford Fair!! I will be having numerous bits of work done on the day including the following; - Fitment of the KMS 3 inch downpipe - Supply and fitment of RS 440c fuel injectors - Supply and fitment of a Collins Performance Actuator - Supply and fitment of a new, genuine RS Clutch and Flywheel - Finally the map itself, stage 3, Collins Performance CP340. Quite a lot of modifications to go on to turn the car into a real beast! Gonna be nuts! Around 50% more BHP & 70% more torque, they are some scary figures! Can't wait to have this done, the week long countdown has begun! Thanks for reading as per!
  6. Yes I do, just a simple 1.99 purchase from ebay :) Cheap little touch. Link is; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Accessories-Silver-ABS-Chrome-Steering-Wheel-Cover-Ring-Logo-For-Ford-Fiesta/271687299779?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Yeah it does shift a bit, it's a fair amount quicker than the new 4wd Focus RS at 345bhp. It's got the KMS Section 18, which is the loudest exhaust on the market so it does sound good at high end and you can hear it a few miles in advance of where you are, but its virtually a straight through so it's lost a lot of tone! Thanks mate, certainly help give it a better stance, will look proper when the car is dropped on lowering springs!
  7. Update of mods and what's been happening recently.. Just a quick snowfoam So first off, decided to buy some spacers as the wheels seemed to get swallowed by the arches. These are H&R 15mm, and will be going on the front when I can find 20s for the back. However they have done the job for now and certainly look 10x better so just got a few before and afters.. Before After Really has done a good job with it in person, appreciate it's harder to tell in photos! Random couple of shots i've taken over a few days because why not One thing it's screaming out for is the lowering springs.. cant wait to get them on its just finding some time off with my friend to do it together as it appears to be a much harder job than the fiesta I previously owned. Next one was just a simple mod for the inside, didnt like how the badge sits in the steering wheel so purchased a chrome surround. Then decided to paint it, went with panther black but should really have done gloss! Then the other day, after having done 1,000 miles of a running in period, I went back with my friend to Devil Developments in Little Hampton. The forged engine, with upgrades cams and reconditioned hybrid turbo worked out a treat for him. We had the car on the dyno, and they felt they didn't even need to tweak it. The car made 368.6 bhp, and 400 ft lb of torque. That's 63% more power than what it left factory with.. not bad going.. and you can definitely feel it aha hopefully it won't be much longer till mine is almost at this level of power.. Gonna leave it there for now, however have got more to update just ran out of time!
  8. So more of an update than upgrades.. have a few items to go on now it's just finding the time to get round to putting them on! Should be soon! Anyway.. So one of my friends who I have spoken previously of, had been having issues with his ST mapped by Dreamscience. They were running around about 1.7 bar of boost on an ST hybrid turbo which is way more than it should have been. The extra pressure had an impact on the internals of his engine. We originally thought it was a cracked piston. However after making our way to Devil Developments in Little Hampton, they diagnosed it as not one, but two MELTED pistons aha. This gave my friend the urge to forge the engine, as he plans to go big power (550bhp). Managed to grab some photos on the day.. mainly because I ran into one of the most famous and reknowned Fords in the community today! Rich Fox's RS! Then this appeared after going for a test drive.. Heart of the monster :) And finally them together! Felt sorry for the guy tampering with my friend's engine as his back was turned, and they had just put on a pop and bang flame map on Rich's car.. Banging right behind him with some serious volume haha Now my friend has to complete 1000 running in miles, as his new reconditioned turbo, newman cams and wiseco forged pistons and rods all start to bed in to the engine. It already sounds and feels better than before, but I guess he now has 5 cylinders back haha. It's currently on a standard stage 3 devils map, however after the running in we will be taking it back to upgrade to a stronger map that is custom tweeked to produce around about 360-370 bhp hopefully. Then it's on to the big save for the GTX30 Garrett turbo :)
  9. Yeah haha always get people turning heads and looking, they can often hear me coming. I'm glad I have tinted out rear windows as so many people look at the car and I can see them through the tint, would be awkward otherwise haha Can find it by just searching Surrey Customs into facebook search bar :) Same as me aha, just got back from Copenhagen so seeing how far money will stretch this month haha
  10. Another part came today.. Won't be a permanent thing but will probably be on the car for a while! Managed to bag myself an Inlet manifold cover.. replaces the crappy ridged standard one by going over the top. And it was painted in lime green already which was a winner for me and my theme really! Standard inlet manifold looked like this; This is the cover I managed to attain; Sticker was already on it haha I'm looking to get graphics made for under the bonnet now anyways so will probably be replaced Certainly brings out some colour in the engine bay! And for £30 compared to buying an actual inlet for £300 I dont think it's too bad. I think it will look alot better when I have some underbonnet graphics done in this shade of green too to bring it all together. Hopefully that should happen soon!
  11. Thanks alot man :) I do like taking my photos.. shame Im only limited to my crappy out of generation Samsung phone to take them aha Haha it would appear so if you're in Surrey. The bridge is Walton bridge & the riverway is down by Thames Court in Shepperton :) or atleast that's what I refer to it as.. But I'm pretty sure i've taken some photos down at the Swan in Walton earlier in the thread yes xD Josh join our group 'Surrey Customs' go to meets every now and then, especially now it's becoming Summer. Going to Ford Fair this year again
  12. Aye I know what you mean about the wheels, but I think it might look like I'm trying to build an RS if I get the same alloys - think the spoiler is enough :P I'd get an aftermarket set if anything but in no rush as I actually quite like the ST wheels. Hopefully the 2 new additions I spoke of will help rectify this anyway xD Have had graphite grey alloys on my old Fiesta which was also a black, wasn't that much of a fan tbh defo looked better with the gloss black! Haha thanks man :) I guess I will have to keep it secret or until someone guesses close.. I think it's a much needed change and is the first thing I'd think of when looking at my car aha Thank you mate, I'm overly chuffed with it!
  13. Okay so NEW ADDITION.. Something i've wanted to do & have since even before getting the car.. probably is a love/hate thing but personally I love it and feel it's started to complete the rear end like the splitter did for the front! GENUINE RS MK2 SPOILER So landed on a right steal with this one.. travelled an hour to go collect what I told was an RS rep spoiler. Was going to spend £160 on it. Got there and the guy said he had just seen all the ford trademarks on the inside meaning it's a genuine RS spoiler worth 3x the price I paid easily xD Was so happy! I will now post a few pics to show a comparison between the look before and now; So just a few comparison shots to show the difference in the same sort of angle photos. I also went and took some proper photos. I used the same locations that i've used previously to show how the car has come on in time, and also the fact I need some new locations haha BRIDGE LOCATION RIVERWAY LOCATION Let me know what you think.. I'm really loving the new look and it's changed the car dramatically. I have 2 more visual mods to do in combination together which will bring the whole article together in my eyes. Won't be too long before they are on I hope. Cookie points for who can guess the right combination.. have a guess :)
  14. Yeah I get what you mean, it's a shame it has to be done in order for any performance work to begin really. Haha it's always the noise, I would love to put videos in these forum posts but I'm not sure that is a feature. That's one of the reasons I wanted the mk2 over mk3. The mk3 misses that 5th cylinder for noise unfortuneately! No the CP340 car was a mk2. It gave me great indication of what I aspire my car to run and it was overwhelmingly impressive. Bearing in mind I'm used to getting the go ahead to drive AMGs around at work, it really did give me a good buzz of excitement and surprising power. I guess I better stop posting then mate! Aha they aren't expensive to buy! Just to run.. Thanks very much bro #blackclan Actually can't wait to have it done. I'm needing to save now really, got about £1500 left before I can get it all done (RS clutch, RS injectors, Collins Actuator & CP340 Map). I bet the vents will look awesome, I'm considering it in the future but I'd probably go for something different! Which diffuser have you gone for? I'm 100% for the RS spoiler, it's one of the visual mods I want to do soonish gives it that extra level of agressiveness. Yeah can't disregard the need for brakes. That's silly money! Friend is having his with Garrett turbo and forged engine etc soon as they found a cracked piston.. The map he was running from a well known tuner was too agressive for standard internals it appears. Have been debating getting a quick shifter as they are quite a cheap addition - would you recommend one?
  15. Couple of updates! First off, just a quick few examples of how the car is looking currently :) added a Ford Mania decal to the rear - this is one of my most favourite groups on social media Got some mad shine after giving the car a good clean and taking it down to the shops. Caught the sun and BAM Had originally decided to paint my battery cover black so I could add some detailing decals on. And had the chrome fuse box cover too. Also changed one of the coolant hoses to the green one, but it is quite a tight fit so have ordered some different ones to get a better fit and hopefully have both done.. These didn't last long.. I managed to find some carbon parts to replace them! I'm a simple person...I see carbon.. I like. Battery cover & Fuse box cover replaced with the carbon ones. Hopefully in the coming month I will be looking to replace the orange silicone hoses with lime green ones and give these ones to my friend as his theme is orange based. Completely off topic but my favourite car from the AMG fleet at work is now not going to be used for experiences as it's getting on a bit for the track.. RIP C63 Black Series (6.2 ltr NA beast) OK back to things.. So the last few months (although I have been still modifying) I have been trying to save for something called the Block Mod. This procedure in essence is strengthening the engine in order to run more power through it. It's prep work before I am able to get the car remapped and bring in some of those horses we are all looking to attain! The block mod is a really long job as it involves taking the head off. It's basically a super major service including changing cam belt, tensioners, water pump, head gasket, cleaning all of the cylinder heads and piston components. Whilst this is all done, metal shims are implanted inbetween the cylinder wall liners in order to strengthen the engine. I now have no worries about getting the 'cracked liners' or overheating the car by adding more power. I have a tonne of photos but I'll just put in a few to show some of the work.. Arrived at BD Performance in Dover around 8.30 AM Came down with my friend who was also having the same work done. This is the first time BD performance in Kent have attempted to do 2 in a day. Cheeky foreign RS also in for some work. They had about 5 or 6 Focus STs and Focus RS outside the unit.. Which was to come in handy later on when I explain.. We knew the job was going to be all day so thankfully Andy Cashmore from BD performance let us borrow his Red Focus ST (one of a few). The car was stage 1 remaopped to around 280 bhp which was interesting! Place to go was obviously Dover White Cliffs The cliffs were a good viewing point that's for sure! And down to some of the actual work.. When we headed back to the unit half way through the day our engines were in bits being reworked.. painful to see but also a pleasure.. Camshafts reworked into engine, after everything was being cleaned up and ready to go back on. New head gasket on down below And that's the metal shim being inputted between the cylinder walls to prevent cracking through temperature! All done and dusted.. So around £600 later (with discounts and free parts put in) the work was all finished. We left the unit at around 8 so all in all a good 12 hours work to get both cars completed with their new reconditioned & protected engines. That's a big milestone in the race to get the car running more power! The guys at BD were amazing to us, constant updates throughout the day, these pictures were taken by Andy as he was working on mine and sent through, lent us an ST to go and have some fun in. They also rang us up at Lunch time for some passenger rides.. They had a Collins Performance CP340 Focus ST in (which is what me & my friend are aiming to get) so they were kind enough to take us out for a spin in that car and my goddddd.... It was just nuts boosting the way it did, still ctaching plenty of traction and it honestly felt like there was no lag for the turbo to spool up again after changing gear it was right on hard boost the whole way. Very impressed with that.. way better than I thought it would be. But to top it all off, Andy also took us out in a 500 bhp Focus RST which ran boost at 26 PSI...Absolutely nuts! What a good asset to use..They were good to us, I'd recommend talking to Andy Cashmore from BD performance Kent if you do want any work doing and live down South. Highly recommend Thannks for reading, I know there was quite a lot of words/story there!