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  1. So my 2003(53) 1.4 Zetec has been making an intermittent whine since January 2016 and this week it has become louder and a few other issues have grabbed my attention. Firstly the whine is coming from the belt section in the engine bay (see video) and the coolant in the engine is bubbling and at boiling point. It is that hot that you cant even touch the coolant container. I managed to capture a short video of the sound and where I think it is coming from. The car has done 67,000 miles roughly and I've had it since October 2015 and only had to replace an o2 sensor. Every time I take it into the garage the sound isn't there so they have nothing to go off. I should also mention that the temperature gauge on the dashboard rises into the 'normal' section but doesn't say that it is operating an an unusually high temperature. There are also no engine codes present or pending on the dashboard. Please if possible can someone diognose the problem briefly so I have an idea what it might be that I need to inform my garage about? Thanks in advance. Video Link(YouTube):
  2. Hi, thanks for a quick response. They definitely replaces sensor 1 which is located just behind the air filter in the engine bay. I checked the fuse just now and its okay which is a pain as I still haven't found a fix and I'm worried about by cat :/. Thank you though
  3. Hi all, I have recently purchased my first car, which happens to be a 53 plate 1.4 Fiesta Zetec and after owning it for around a month the engine management light came on. So I plugged in a basic diognostic checker and found that it was the Heater Control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1 that was causing the issue. So I checked the wiring, and the sensor exterior but could not remove the sensor from the engine bay to check it. I erased the engine light and it came straight back on when the engine was started up. SO i took it to the garage and asked them to check the light, replace the sensor and then erase the light. A medium sized garage bill later the sensor was replaced. However the light continues to stay on after replacement and after removing the light. Does anyone know what else I can check to stop the light coming back? I know jumping to changing the sensor is wrong but I really thought that it was the issue seen as the car was coming up to 70k miles. Thanks