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  1. 06 Focus 2.0 tdci EGR fault or not?

    Update The car broke down again after having the EGR valve reseated/cleaned. Ford diagnosed a faulty particulate filter, which after trying to regenerate they replaced at a cost of £507. Is this common amongst the tdci's? The mechanic at Ford recommended only using branded fuels eg Shell or BP and to avoid supermarket diesel.
  2. Hi All, My father is looking for a replacement for is 406 estate, he's looking to spend approx £4k, can anybody recommend the most reliable varient of the diesel estates, and any faults etc to look out for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated- the 406 has cost him a fortune in repairs! Regards Jonesy
  3. 06 Focus 2.0 tdci EGR fault or not?

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the advice. Jonesy
  4. Hi All, My 63000 mile fsh focus 2.0 tdci suffered engine failure on the motorway after only covering 120 miles since it had a full service at an indepent garage. The car began to hesitate in low gears with clouds of black smoke, followed by loss of power on the motorway and a dreadful rattling from the engine. After being towed home I checked the engine oil very black and the consistency of diesel. My suspicions are that the garage failed to change the engine oil after adding an oil flush. However the garage are saying that it is the EGR valve at fault and that the oil is designed to be very thin. To their credit they have stripped and refitted the valve and changed the oil at no extra cost. My main worry is a possible further fault or other damage, does anybody have experience or knowledge of the EGR valve and its sturdiness or lack of. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks Jonesy