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  1. Just bought Eccosprot St 68 Reg. Should any door not be closed properly when you press the key fob lock button the horn beeps as a warning. All very well but not a midnight when all you're neighbours are trying to sleep. I've check the manual but it appears to give no instruction how to turn this off. Any ideas please?
  2. S-Max 2012 2.2 Ltr Titanium The is the model of my son's car which recently developed a problem. The car has been main dealer services and repaired since new. However the extended warranty has just elapsed and of course something has gone wrong. The Ford main dealer carried out a diagnostic test (for which the charged £50) to find a fault code indicating EGR valve was faulty. The repairs costs came to something like £800 which my son paid. When he went to collect the car the dealer reported a further fault they had found after fitting the EGR valve and road testing the car. Apparently there was a split in the turbo hose. Now my question is: Could a split turbo hose give a faulty EGR code reading? Has the diagnostic technician taken the fault code as gospel ordered a EGR because "that is what the diagnostic machine says" put no further thought into the matter and not carried out any further investigations. If the above is the case then my son has paid for a EGR valve when it may have been just a £11 hose. Of course we have no way to dispute their diagnoses unless one of you wise people can give an answer. For Customer Service are as useless as a ice-cream in hell, and have always proven to be. They just pass the buck back to the dealer who have nothing to say. All this waffle and the question is: Fault code can a split hose indicate faulty EGR?
  3. alexp99 - It maybe a US company but beat in mind the C-Max was developed in Europe. Also the C-Max hybrid has been in the US for a good 3-4 years I would estimate so how long will it take to come out here. Ford are really dragging their feet. Reference Sync 2, as far as I am concerned it is a backward step. On my earlier cars I could control my Radio, temperature and phone with voice activation. Now with Sync2 I can only control my phone and auxiliary devise which I never use.
  4. Ford UK is Ford's best selling market yet we are always on the end of new vehicle launches. They have had the Hybrid plug-in C-Max on sale in the USA for a number of years yet we have nothing except the Mondoe which is targeted at the fleet driver. Why are we waiting so long when Ford has the products and the technology but no cars, yet all the other manufacturers are launching hybrids all around us?
  5. As stated before the official figures bear no relation to actual. When car is tested under lab conditions tests start when the engine is at full working temperature. They can not test from cold. What is cold 0 degrees -5 degrees it varies day to day but full operating temperature is a known. When you drive your car you need to go through the warm-up procedures which means enriched fuel mixtures. In the lab the car has no wind resistance or turbulence from other vehicles. The reason for manufacturer's figures is to ensure all vehicles are tested to exactly the same perimeters to enable the buyer to make true comparisons. However many expect to achieve these figures which understandably leads to mis-understanding and since the VW incitement it would seem governments are considering introducing more accurate testing although they do not yet know what
  6. Why o why can't Ford think of another interior colour than BLACK? In the past I have had many new Fords as company cars and if available would order a light colour for the interior trim. A light tan or taupe colour brightens the whole interior. Some say it shows the dirt were I generally disagree. It may show scuffle marks but if you look after these there is no problem. However BLACK shows up every bit of dust including the ring around the seating position. With BLACK everything is just dark and gloomy. Please Ford give me a choice of interior trim colours again.