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  1. Well maybe might just ring up the dealership to be sure. In regards to the drls I think it's just a case of swapping out the headlights with the Drls and activating them via software. A Ford dealership should be able to do that for you for a small fee.
  2. Make sure ya post some pictures when ya have everything fitted. I have bought the StLine grill myself just waiting for the car to be out of warranty before I fit the grill. Plan to get the St line/ Zetec s spoiler aswell.
  3. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    Boots certainly bigger in the mk4. 375l vs 316l. The Ford Focus mk3/mk3.5 has almost a supermini sized boot.
  4. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    It actually looks decent in St line trim level. They also have fixed the two weak areas of the previous generation boot space and interior room. All reviews say the cars with Independent rear suspension is the best driving Focus yet. I'll probably get an St line second hand in a few years time myself.
  5. James

    Headlight tints

    Ya going to tint the indicators on the side mirrors also? That would improve the look even more.
  6. James

    Anyone got a 2010 MK2.5 Price list?

    And all the cars seem to have adaptive cruise control. Ford are going all out with this new Focus. May get one second hand in a few years time. Im still waiting for the looks to fully grow on me though.
  7. James

    Anyone got a 2010 MK2.5 Price list?

    It might be a factor in why the Focus don't keep their value well. Like the Golf is just as popular but doesn't suffer the same amount of depreciation.
  8. James

    Anyone got a 2010 MK2.5 Price list?

    Yeah for a car at that price you would expect a car to have as standard Xenon lights electrically folding mirrors and disks all around, but no Ford are to mean to do that😋. But seriously is the Ford Focus the only C segment car with drum brakes in the rear? Overall I do like the Focus but they take penny pinching to the extreme. It will be interesting to see how well the new Focus will be specced out.
  9. James

    Mk2.5 vs Mk3 choice

    The big problem with the mk3/mk3.5 is that its smaller inside than the mk2/mk2.5 and the boot is much smaller as well. The dash in the mk3/ mk3.5 must take up a 1/3rd of the interior room in the car. Whoever designed that dash should be shot 🙄. Its a good car apart from that. If buying a car just for interior room get the mk2.5 estate or even better a Skoda Octavia.
  10. James

    Anyone got a 2010 MK2.5 Price list?

    https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/ford/focus-2008/?section=data This gives a list of the the recommended retail prices of the mk2.5 Focus when new.
  11. James

    Strange pull away. 2.0 tdci 163.

    My old mk2.5 1.6 tdci would sometimes learch/ Kangaroo forward in traffic it used to get queit annoying. In regards to my new car I think it's better in almost all ways than my last one apart from the boot space. Drives smoother and handles even better.
  12. James

    I just found this out

    One of the first things I did when I got the car back in February was to see if the arm rest slid forward or not like in my old mk2.5. I echoe Tom's view that the mk2.5 looked the best. The front end looks like the head of a shark hunting down it's prey ha😁. The mk3.5 has a similar look. The rear is a bit bland though on the mk2.5.
  13. Look point taken, just didn't think headlight washers would make such a difference. Also I have seen others with the Hid lights installed in their Focus's aftermarket so they must take them out and put in the old ones before the test? I may just invest in better bulbs instead. /😞Aswell as function I kind want them for the looks ha. I think the headlights is the number one thing that makes the car look a bit dated. Nearly all other car makers have Hid or led lights as Standard, and not just on the top trim levels. Love the front end of the current Mazda 3.
  14. My 2015 Titanium doesn't have Drl's and I doubt the 2017 Titaniums have them as a standard item either. They are part of appearance pack as far as I know. I'm going to look into fitting Xenon's maybe next year when my warranty with the dealer is up. Will not bother with the washers as what use is a bit of water been sprayed onto the lights going to achieve 🤔! I Will keep them clean anyways.
  15. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    What I like the most about the new Focus is that it looks allot more spacious than the mk3/mk3.5. My previous mk2.5 was allot more spacious inside and had a far bigger boot than my mk3.5. The dash on the mk3/mk3.5 protrudes out far to much, robbing room for people in the front and as a consequence those sitting in the back. It's hard to imagine that the Focus used to be one of the more roomier cars in it's class!