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  1. Finally got them fitted no moisture problems yet. They look class especially on a black car!
  2. I bought these for my car, haven't got around to fitting them yet, but they look very good. Cost me around 400
  3. Yeah didn't turn upside down or something 😁
  4. I'd be interested in how well the mk4 drives compared to the mk1. Maybe I'm looking back with rose tinted glasses and all that but that car drove and handled extremingly well for it's time. The steering in my old mk1 was way better than my current car. I have a soft spot for the mk1 Focus😁. Love them.
  5. The supposedly more nimble Ford Fiesta doesn't do quite as well🙄 but still did pretty good. I want the new St line Focus now 😁
  6. It certainly is a very safe and good handling car. In truth no Focus has handled that well in mainstream form since the mk1. The mk4 changes that it seems. It has beaten many sport cars in the above tests:-)
  7. Why is that 😁? They look well on the car!
  8. All Ford Focus's have the floor vents underneath the front seats but they don't have the adjustable air vents at the back of the central console unfortunately. I thought that would be something that Ford would introduce with the mk4 generation.
  9. Can't wait to fit them next week hopefully 🙂
  10. Thanks for the info 👍.
  11. That's unfortunate. Do the drls work with the ignition on at least?
  12. Did you guys ever solve this issue? Just bought these head lights. Can't wait for them to arrive. The stock halogen head lights make the front look really dated!
  13. I agree with you there. The 1.5 tdci is a great little engine. Decent fuel economy and it's fast enough for my needs. Much prefer it to the 1.6 tdci in my old mk2.5 Focus.