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  1. I agree with you there. The 1.5 tdci is a great little engine. Decent fuel economy and it's fast enough for my needs. Much prefer it to the 1.6 tdci in my old mk2.5 Focus.
  2. I miss the quick and precise steering of the mk1 that neither the mk2 or mk3 can match and I doubt the mk4 is as good either. I drove a mk1 Focus for 7 years. Was a great great car. Passed the Nct ( our equivalent of Mot) every time. Never liked the Mk4 Golf. It was a boring stodgy car. The mk5 Golf was a huge improvement on the mk4.
  3. Also look up zun sport, they do after market front grills for various car makes. They look well on any mk2/mk2.5 Focus I have seen!
  4. Have ya looked at making it look like a Zetec S? Many on this forum have done this.
  5. How much better in terms of light output are these head lights compared to the originals? I plan to upgrade on my non drl equiped headlights and can't decide whether to get the Ford drl ones or to get these. I like to use Ford parts when possible but these Halo projectors do look very good.
  6. Get an St spoiler looks allot better.
  7. When I got my car serviced by Ford a month ago software updates was part of the service. I wonder was this included in my cars software updates? I have a 1.5 tdci.
  8. One thing about the Ford Focus from each generation when it comes to driving its better than all it's rivals. I'd choose a Ford Focus over any Hyundai!
  9. It's hydraulic with electric assist!
  10. That's why I am thinking about going with Mazda next. The Japanese equip their cars as standard very generously compared with the European/ American brands.
  11. It's at 86000 miles at the moment so it has done allot of driving in the last few years.
  12. Got my car serviced by Ford recently and was told by the receptionist upon collecting my car that evening it needs a new front O/S ball joint. I knew the car wasn't handling that well of recent but I put it down to the tracking been out which it is. Is this a big job? Would I be better to get an Independent mechanic to do it for me rather than Ford? Also how long would I get away with without having it done?
  13. Finally got the the ST rear spoiler fitted. It looks class!