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  1. Ford Focus mk4

    What I like the most about the new Focus is that it looks allot more spacious than the mk3/mk3.5. My previous mk2.5 was allot more spacious inside and had a far bigger boot than my mk3.5. The dash on the mk3/mk3.5 protrudes out far to much, robbing room for people in the front and as a consequence those sitting in the back. It's hard to imagine that the Focus used to be one of the more roomier cars in it's class!
  2. Ford Focus mk4

    Depends on the roads you drive on. I often drive on country roads with many dips and potholes so having a car with Independent rear suspension is better on those roads than cars that don't
  3. Ford Focus mk4

    It certainly isn't as good looking as the mk2.5 or mk3.5 anyway.
  4. Ford Focus mk4

    I know, the Independent rear suspension gave the car its competitive advantage back in the day and through out the different models up to now. I read it here: https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-news/first-official-pictures/ford/new-ford-focus-2019-uk-price-interior-pictures-specs-engines-and-release-date/
  5. Ford Focus mk4

  6. Ford Focus mk4

    What do you guys think of the new Focus? I think it looks decent. A big disappointment is that the mulitilink rear suspension has been dropped for the 1 l ecoboost and 1.5 diesel. Torsion beam on those cars from what I have read and heard.
  7. Buying Advice - Petrol or Diesel

    The great thing about the 1.5 tdci diesel is that the car overall is not much heavier than the 1 litre Ecoboost so the handling of the car is fairly good and its also helps with fuel economy which is good as well. Was going to go for the 1litre Ecoboost but got to used to diesel fuel economy with my last car.
  8. I assume I can get away by not replacing the panel with electric window switch's inside as would never use the fold in switch anyway. As long as they fold in when I lock the car with the fob is all I want.
  9. So is it a case of fitting the wing mirrors? Do the wires plug in or do they have to be spliced? And what did you use to let the cars computer know the car now has auto wing mirrors so that they work? If it's an easy job might try do this myself!
  10. Adaptive cruise control

    A radar built in to the lower bumper detects a slower moving car in your Lane and slows down the car. When you go to over take the car in front it speeds up the car to the set speed again. This is what the lower bumper looks like.
  11. Adaptive cruise control

    Just used it there tonight and it works like a charm. It's slightly unnerving a first as I kept wanting to put my foot on the break but it slows the car down just at the right time. Any car I have from now on must have adaptive cruise control 😁.
  12. Adaptive cruise control

    Surprised the Titanium X doesn't have it as it seems to have every other option as standard.
  13. Adaptive cruise control

    I had just registered for Ford Etis today and when I seen adaptive cruise control as one of the specs, I thought it was a mistake so went out to the car to have a look. Never noticed it in the month i have had the car.
  14. Adaptive cruise control

    Coolio. I'm surprised the car dealer never told me about it. That is a big selling point.
  15. Adaptive cruise control

    Does this image suggest I have adaptive cruise control? For a car that doesn't have Drl's and auto fold in mirrors if I had this feature it would make me feel better about the car 😁.