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  1. James


    They look class, but they are probably not legal on a car without washers and leveling.
  2. James

    All new focus Vignale; rattling and wind noise

    I was hoping the new Focus would be better in this regard!
  3. James

    All new focus Vignale; rattling and wind noise

    My Focus let's in quite a bit of wind noise through the window sills over 60 mph. It's to do with the poor quality rubber window sills Ford use unfortunately!
  4. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    Very nice.
  5. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    Yeah it's probably really doing just over 70 mpg which is still pretty good.
  6. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    That's true. Next time I refuel I might do that!
  7. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    Not as economical as my Focus though I bet😋. Just finished an hour and twenty minutes driving there now, mostly motorway but it included town and back road driving aswell. I suspect previous owner put an economy map on it.
  8. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    The 1.5tdci was built for fuel economy and definitely not speed. Mines doing over 70 mpg at the moment! Very economical engine. Its definitely quicker than my last 1.6tdci!
  9. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    Rest assured that you will soon be driving the best Focus gen yet. I wasn't sure about the looks myself but they have grown on me especially the St line. People are just jealous that's all😋.
  10. James

    Vanishing Mk 4

    The cars seem to be generously speced out across the range also. No more wind up windows and drum brakes at the back with all trim levels. Welcome to the 21st century Ford😁.
  11. James

    Vanishing Mk 4

    The St line does look class. The other models look a bit iffy to me, especially the vertical fog lights on them. There will be allot more modding to do for people who want the ST line look on non ST line cars. The grill and other pieces are totally different on the exterior. Seen one in Dublin earlier this week. May call into a Ford dealer over the weekend to have a furher qualk at them.
  12. James

    horrible pull away

    Take a mk1 Focus for a spin if ya want a good handling Focus, more fun to drive than any Golf from any generation 😁. Especially look for a RS model!
  13. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    Thanks for that. Luckly the spoiler has come with an extension for the hose pipe.
  14. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    I have bought the black spoiler and it looks like it will fit. Just wondering will my existing brake light fit it or will I have to get a Zetec S / St line brake light for it?
  15. James

    Focus Titanium

    Sync 2 is perfectly usable once you get used to it. It's a a bit slow and there is a bit of a learning curve especially with the Sat Nav but it works fine enough. I think it was given unfairly bad press from the instant gratification society we live in now. It's far faster than the Eonon aftermarket radio I had in my last car.