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  1. James

    horrible pull away

    Take a mk1 Focus for a spin if ya want a good handling Focus, more fun to drive than any Golf from any generation 😁. Especially look for a RS model!
  2. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    Thanks for that. Luckly the spoiler has come with an extension for the hose pipe.
  3. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    I have bought the black spoiler and it looks like it will fit. Just wondering will my existing brake light fit it or will I have to get a Zetec S / St line brake light for it?
  4. James

    Focus Titanium

    Sync 2 is perfectly usable once you get used to it. It's a a bit slow and there is a bit of a learning curve especially with the Sat Nav but it works fine enough. I think it was given unfairly bad press from the instant gratification society we live in now. It's far faster than the Eonon aftermarket radio I had in my last car.
  5. James

    Ford Focus mk4

    I think the rear end looks good, it looks allot better than the mk3/mk3.5 but not sure about the front the car just yet. The front grill looks a bit awkward to me. The interior is a huge improvement in terms of practicability and looks over the previous generation though.
  6. James

    Titanium Navigator

    Yeah it's different to Active city stop. It only can be used over 30 mph. I have seen very few mk3/mk3.5 Titaniums/ Titanium x cars with this option fitted.
  7. James

    Titanium Navigator

    It uses this radar to sense cars in front and slows down the car in slower moving traffic to a set distance(the breaks are appled automatically). See below for a picture of sensor and Adaptive cruise control stalk. It's different than the normal one.
  8. James

    Titanium Navigator

    It uses Radar built in the bottom bumper to maintain a set distance to any car in front. Essentially it automatically applies the breaks when the radar senses your car is to close to the car in front. It speeds up your car when the way in front is clear again to the set speed. It can be a bit to sensitive sometimes but overall I really like this feature.
  9. James

    Titanium Navigator

    The best option to select on the Titanium/ Titanium x is adaptive cruise control. It's not Standard but it's a brilliant option to have.
  10. James

    Titanium Navigator

    Ford Etis is confusing. With mine on one line it's says less Sat Nav and down a bit from that with Sync2 with Nav. All facelift titaniums have Nav!
  11. James

    10 months in-thoughts on my car (long).

    Having owned a mk1 a mk2.5 and now a mk3.5 here are my thoughts: The mk1 was the best genetation to drive and a well cared one still looks good in a late 90's retro kind of way. Was pretty practible also for it's time. The mk2.5 was the most spacious of the three. The boot size was pretty big for a car of it's size. But it's weight ment it didn't handle quite aswell but the steering was decent. The ugly front grill slightly ruined the look for me as well Overall a decent looking car though. The 1.6 tdci was a disaster in terms of reliablility. I had to get rid. My current mk3.5 in my opinion is the best looking Focus so far with the new up and coming mk4 the ugliest. Jesus the new car is ugly. I gave it the benefit of the doubt that it's looks would grow on me but it hasn't. The latest gen has no identify of it's own, no longer looks like Ford Focus should. I like the led headlights though. The problem with the mk3/mk3.5 is room. The dash takes up to much space and the boot is supermini sized. It's good to drive though all though the steering is a bit off. The father's mk7.5 Fiesta's steering is so much better. Love the drink holder design in the mk3.5 it's well thought out. I hope you continue to get on with your mk2. Great car in petrol form (1.6 and up) I miss the space I had from my face lift version.
  12. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    I would prefer a black spoiler to be honest. Save me the bother of having it resprayed. Thanks for the info though.
  13. James

    Zetec S / ST style rear spoiler

    I have been looking for a while but haven't come across a genuine second hand one yet on eBay. All seem to be knock offs. Woulde prefer genuine parts all right. I don't know wether to chance it and buy it or wait for genuine Ford one to be advertised. It does look like it should fit though.
  14. I have seen a Zetec S/ St style rear spoiler on eBay in black but it is advertised as only fitting 12/13 Focus models only? Is this a mistake on their part and would it not fit say a 2015 Focus? It's not a genuine Ford part so could this be an issue also? Would I be better off buying the Spoiler from a Ford dealership?