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  1. instead of splicing in to the loom by the pillar, would one of the 'loop connectors' work better? 1592586 £8.21 Mic Patch Loom1592580 £5.66 Audio Patch Loom
  2. nice to read - I was going to get this done my my old Mondeo but never got round to doing it
  3. you have the same wiring as mine. mine is a March 2009-build Titanium, without the glovebox area wiring but with seemingly, the mic wiring. Same connection on the A pillar - grey plug. I'm presuming that I'll need the or a retrofit loom, but what about the mic and associated loop looms etc? All seem very confusing lol. I'm only after BT not the USB or VC options
  4. Is the grey plug on the nearside pillar the microphone plug that requires this loop connector? Assuming that my car clearly doesn't have any bluetooth pre-wiring at all, then it's safe to say that I need the loom - found somewhere that the finis 1429813 is the same and no need to cut wires. And it's cheaper than the 'official' £173 retrofit loom.
  5. to note - the AUX wiring goes along the top of the glovebox and straight towards the headunit.
  6. just the above and the below (behind the glovebox)
  7. mine doesn't have those grey plugs. I've had glovebox out several times checking and double-checking, there's no grey foam there at all
  8. many thanks - I can't see if I have the other main loom or where the microphone loom splits? There doesn't seem to be a grey plug behind the glovebox and certainly not the click-plug, so a little baffled as to where any 'loop' loom goes etc. Been told my car must it the loom in place but I've search, pulled, taken apart etc and can't find the loom to the Bluetooth module.
  9. A nice read, especially as I'm tackling this right now
  10. interesting - am doing, or trying to do, the same to my 2009 Focus Titanium. built 27/03/2009. Single disc MP3 Sony DAB I only want the bluetooth phone function, not the USB or voice control Already got a NOS bluetooth module - Novero finis - 1806256 / part number 8M5T-19G488-AM Looking behind the glovebox, there is NO wiring whatsoever?!!! Overhead console pic the only grey plug I can see is on the nearside pillar - leads to ligger loom without any plugs The AUX lead wiring has a spare plug wrapped
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