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  1. Patchy Dab/fm Radio

    Hi, I recently installed an Eonon headunit and add on DAB tuner into my 10 plate Focus. On the whole I have no reception issues and have a strong signal but there are some areas where the DAB will just cut in and out and FM and AM fails to lock onto a signal. I am using the aerial that came with the car and a DAB splitter which has a 12v feed that is connected to one of the aerial 12v feeds I have coming from the headunit. I am starting to suspect that splitting the aerial is the cause of my problems in poor signal areas and wondering if something like the link below with two dedicated feeds is what I need, albeit with an SMA fitting on the DAB side. http://www.npautoparts.co.uk/car-audio-c188/dab-digital-radio-c301/dab-aerials-c323/digital-dab-am-fm-roof-mount-whip-aerial-p84170 Looking for advice before purchasing
  2. Hi, I have a Pioneer radio which I have taken out of a Vectra and put into an X reg Focus LX. I can't figure out how to have it through the battery. At the moment it's wired through the ignition and I lose all radio memory every time I turn the ignition off. On the Vectra it was just a case of swapping the red (ACC) and yellow (batt) wires over so it was red to yellow and yellow to red. However when I put it in the focus no matter which way I have the red and yellow wires it doesn't change the fact it's through the ignition. I've been told I may need additional wiring. Is this true? Hope someone can help.