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  1. Thanks for the feedback much appreciated. They have two on offer a Zetec and a Titanium same year very close in mileage but the Zetec is a grand cheaper. But she would really benifit from the parking aids being a bigger car and I like the upgraded stereo so I think its worth it. Might even try to budge the dealer on the price but I doubt they will looking online its fairly on the mark of price.
  2. Afternoon, This is common if you park on a slight slant. Where I park at home I park on a small curb it doesnt tilt the car much but when I get in the car to go to work I can have low fuel warning with 20 miles left on it but when I get in my car to come home from work over 100 miles left. It just doesn't like being parked on a slope of any sort and takes ages for it to realise there is more fuel then it thought!
  3. Afternoon all. I use the Bluetooth connection alot on my car I 50/50 listen to radio or play music through my phone and it works perfectly however I also have an app I use called AutoMate that voice announces when I am speeding or reads out messages when I receive them. Now there are two problems here: 1: If I am not listening to music through Bluetooth when the phone tries to announce something the car goes into Phone Audio Mute but doesn't play out what the phone is saying I only hear it if I am on the Bluetooth audio option on the radio 2: Occasionaly this Phone Audio Mute gets stuck which is mainly when the app triggers voice listening for a response and what happens is the entire radio system gets stuck. I cannot unmute it, I can't change it to Radio or literally do anything with the entire radio and voice control system. Even turned the car off and locking it the radio doesn't power off continues to say Audio Mute. Even the Power On/Off button does nothing. Its very tricky to fix when it happens but to do so I have to keep triggering the voice input feature on my phone and eventually it unsticks the radio but it has to be fixed otherwise its going to drain the battery. Anyone else experienced these or have any advice? Regards, Max
  4. Did you have any luck with that? I have not opened the key up on my S-Max but one of my previous cars the immobilser chip was not powered by battery and just became weak had to hold it in a certain way for the car to reconise but this doesn't sound like a battery problem at all. Just for an update as per my original post I have had the car several months now and not a single problem with the battery no more low warnings so just needed some driving to recharge it after the dealship leave the boot open during openening hours.
  5. Afternoon all, After taking the wife citreon in for its service and it being covered in oil and generally going to cost me a bomb soon I thought we would look at a new car for her. After being incredibly happy with my Ford S-Max that I brought from our local Ford dealer several months ago we took a visit there and we have found a couple of B-Max's they have. Her requirements for a car are something fairly small that is practical to get two kids in an out the car and take our big double push chair (which rules out lots of small cars) At first looks this B-Max is perfect for us not only is it small and practical but the way the doors open in a tight car park looks like it will be really easy to get the kids in and out. Its a 2013 model with under 20k miles petrol 1.0 ecoboost Titanium. Does anyone have any comments on this car? Is it as good as it looks? Regards, Max
  6. I really need to turn e-mail notifications on didn't even know anyone had replied so sorry about that. I did ask the dealer about it and they said it just needs a good run as they leave the boots open all day during business hours on all their cars and the boot light would of drained the battery. Sure enough after using it for a couple of days I have not had a warning since.
  7. Evening fellow Ford owners. Sorry big noob when it comes to alot of car stuff but I am looking to get a boot mounted bike carrier and it has occurred to me I am going to need a numberplate / light board mounted on the rear most bike as they will be obstructed but I have no clue as to how these are wired up or if I even have what is needed to wire them up? I have a 2010 Ford S-Max Titanium - It DOES NOT have a tow bar. Does anyone know if what I want is possible and any advice on how its done / tips etc I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Max
  8. Good Evening Everyone, I am booked in to go see my ford garage on Friday because of a child lock malfunction message showing on my new (old) s-max. However a new problem has cropped up and I wanted some advice here first to see if there is any known problems. On my way home today I suddenly lost all power pulling out on a roundabout it was like I was trying to pull away in 5th (no I wasn't I did check!) and I limped it into a car park a few meters down the road and noticed an error message on the screen which I checked via the menu said Coolant Temp High and confirmed with my Bluetooth OBDII using an app on my phone said the coolant temp was 80C. I stopped the car for a couple of minutes then made it home having the heating on full to help dissipate some of that heat. When I made it home I checked the coolant level using the indicator on the side of the bottle (its full) and after 10 minutes started teh car back up and OBDII reported the temp at 67C and a quick look under the hood confirmed the fan was running. My journey home from work involves sitting in solid queue for about 15 to 20 minutes then 20 to 30mph traveling for another 15 minutes before hitting another 2 to 3 minute queue (after which is where I had the problem) Any ideas? Anyone else had these issues?
  9. Thanks Gregers DPF's became mandatory in 2009 so I presume you have a 2008 car based on what you told me and were lucky to just avoid it! I have purchased a 2010 one with a DPF sadly will just have to keep up regular maintenance to stop it having the same problems as my previous car.
  10. Good Afternoon Fellow S-Max Owners! I have just joined the Ford Owners Club picked up my new used car yesterday from a Ford Dealer its a 2010 2l Diesel Titanium Spec. So far I am loving the car not that I have driven it much only from the dealer and around town once. There is however a little concern I have I was sitting in it last night configuring the bluetooth voice dialing phone book when I got a warning that the battery is low. I was in the car no longer than 15 minutes with the car powered on (no engine). I started the engine up so I could sit there and finish configuring the phone book and was about another 20 minutes. I haven't been out in the car since I need to go and put some fuel in it this afternoon and pickup my brother in law but thats two very short journeys. I do know the car was sitting at the dealers for a few weeks so should I be worried about the battery? I am doing 2 x 30 minutes journeys on Tuesday will that be a decent enough run to help charge the battery up or should I be looking to invest in a battery charger? I do have a trickle charger somewhere but it was a cheap £5 job about 5 years ago so is it safe to pop that on while the battery is still connected to the car? There is no way I am disconnecting the battery! Thanks in advance for your responses. Regards, Max
  11. Hi everyone. New Here. I am looking to get a new car next month and I think I am pretty set on it being a Ford S-Max after looking around it looks really nice and read quite alot of good things about it online. I am not 100% sure if I am going to go new or up to 4 years old get all depends on what finance I can afford to pay. What I would love though if if I could please get some opinions from you current S-Max or even past S-Max Owners. Do you love your car? Would you recommend it? Is it not too much trouble? I currently own a Peugeot 307 SW (7 seater version) and while I absolutely loved it when I first got it I have grown to truly hate it. Nothing but problems. I have had to replace part of the air con because it fell off, it currently has a turbo problem which causes a problem with the DPF causing it to go into limp mode every now and then although if I use expensive fuel that seems to be mostly ok. It also has a whole boat load of electrical fault such as sometimes all the needles on the dash zero while driving, I have had critical engine temp warnings when I have just set of on my first journey for the day and more extreme such as everything electrical on the inside of the car just turning off for a few seconds and then back on. Safe to say I have sworn of french cars! One thing I really do want to know is do the new S-Max's still use a DPF and does it cause problems because I do sit in traffic every day to and from work and that has caused me alot of DPF issues in my pug. I sit in about 80 minutes of traffic every day. Thank you in advance for your replies I do really appreciate it. Hoping to finally have a reliable car for the next 3 years! Regards, Max