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  1. Power steering fluid leak

    Shame, it's a cheap part to replace and is worth doing while it's all off.
  2. Power steering fluid leak

    I hope you got the reservoir replaced at the same time? They and the pipes attach to them all go eventually too
  3. Juddering

    They don't know what they are missing! I am 33, and the first car I drove after passing was my mums B-Reg Astra The manual choke was great, could use it as cruise control hahaha
  4. Juddering

    Bring back Manual Chokes!!
  5. Forscan lite on iphone

    And to add to that, not many of the Wifi ELM Adapters work with iOS either!
  6. You could use an independent garage/Ford Specialist, that would be cheaper. Like Iantt said, if you've not started reprogramming, you should be able to put the old one in. When mine went my mechanic took my IC apart and sorted all the dry looking solder joints. - Good as new
  7. I'd get it to somewhere where they can recode your ECU and Keys. Thats the only thing thats gonna fix it.
  8. Rear seat cover

    I've been looking at getting one of these, stops all the hairs going on the back of the seats and door cards then: https://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.asp?dept_id=570&pf_id=60737
  9. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    Where was the argument? lol
  10. Philf1's Nitrous Blue Focus RS

    He's not reset the oddometer at refilling the tank, we're only looking at MPG gauge here - over the distance of ~426 miles
  11. Car wont crank?

    My mechanic opened up my IC and fixed the dry joints on the boards, fixed it first time. Anyone handy with a soldering iron should be able to do this.
  12. Orange residue in spark plug hole

    I left mine too, as long as it's dry you're good :)
  13. Sorry but it's not, the AC needs to have the fresh air that has less humidity coming in to reduce condensation inside the car.
  14. That means it's no letting the moisture out of the car, you want the air to vent outside so the air becomes dryer? Recirculate has never worked on any car I've had!
  15. I have this issue too. AC on, Heat and Blower to Max, and DON'T recirculate fixes it.