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  1. How to reset it is in the owners manual
  2. Bolosun


    Get the rust off and paint it. If you are worried about it coming back, treat regulary with ACF50 or XCP's equivalent.
  3. Just watched thus video explaining about the different types of bulbs and headlights. You may find it helpful.
  4. Nope, she drives like a non-turbo car, doesn't wait for the turbo to kick before trying to accelerate.
  5. It's how you drive it. I get 45mpg easily from our 125 Ecoboost, my wife gets low 30's when she drives it.
  6. My daughters Fiesta cost £500 and that included having the head skimmed
  7. Mine didn't work from when I got it, but changed the battery recently and it works now as advertised. You could try resetting the battery. As a note, the car is charging at 15v at tickover to charge the battery to support the stop/start technology.
  8. I have just been fighting mine to replace the cruise control buttons on a 2013 Titanium 1.0 125bhp Ecoboost and after giving up on getting the airbag off, you can just remove the surrounding. But it is held in with plugs with rubber sockets. So after removing the 3 screws it doesn't appear to want to move. Just prise it off and it will come out.
  9. Well the wires definitely go into the roof lining, so will have to peel it back and see where they go. I think they go to both rear pillars. Just need to figure out how to get them off.
  10. Cheers. I'll remove the side trim and have a look. 👍
  11. Well I did a muppet thing and backed into a skip on my driver resulting in me needing a new tailgate/bootlid. Has anyone changed one as the only thing I am struggling to find out is disconnecting and re-connecting the wires for the rear screen and screen wash? Are the connections under the headliner, if yes how do I remove it? Cheers