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  1. Akira14

    Tyre size

    Thanks for the link, it looks like there is a lot of scope with tyre selection
  2. As a tyre snob, mainly because my father worked at Michelin for years I'm getting really annoyed with Ford over their tyre size especially for my Smax. If I get a Pilot sport 3 or 4 it's going to cost me about £150 per corner for 235/45/18. I've got a mate who has got a Golf and he's just got Pilot sport 4 for £105 per corner just because of his size 225/40/18. It's so annoying. So basically what I'm wondering is has anyone put a different size tyre on their rim and if so would it really make a difference to the safety of the car as you are really only going down 10 mm.
  3. I'm pretty sure that all Vignale now matter what car have full LED lights
  4. Hi, I got some Eibach springs for my Smax fitted just over a month ago and it's made a massive difference to it's handling. I paid £170 from a supplier off Amazon but they had none in the UK and I had to wait for them to be imported.
  5. Cheers guys. I've spoken to him and he said he's told them that he'll get it done at a later date
  6. Well after a long wait I finally got my car lowered on Eibach springs. What a total transformation, totally changes the handling characteristics of the car and in my opinion totally worth it.
  7. Just a quicky. I've got a mate from work who's got a Golf GTd and he's about to take his car in for a service and they told him that the air conditioning needs servicing as well. He asked me and I said I use my air conditioning all year round and have never felt the need nor have I ever been asked about having mine serviced. So what I'm asking is, is this something any of you guys do or do you think it's all a load of rubbish.
  8. Got my central locking all fixed, was quite expensive though at £340 and that was at a local specialist. I'm just wondering if it would actually been cheaper to go through Ford garage instead
  9. Excellent, those 2.5t I would have thought are quite rare, but what potential you've got to make a right sleeper car.
  10. Akira14


    Hi, I've got a diesel TXS and last year one of my back boxes fell off while I was at work. To cut a long story short Ford quoted me £900 for a new exhaust, so I searched around and found a guy who was about 15 miles from where I lived and he made me a custom stainless steel system for £450. I still couldn't believe that Ford were still not putting stainless steel systems on as standard in this day and age
  11. Well, I took it to a local specialist garage and they gave it a once over and they have told me it's the motor for the central locking thats on its way out. I've got it booked in for next week.
  12. My 12 plate TXS has just started with this problem on my driver's door, I'll take it to an auto electrician for him to have a look, hopefully it's not too expensive
  13. Hi, I am trying to get some new front disc's for my TXS and I have been told that there were 2 different sizes used on my car. I have been to the local Ford dealer but they were not much help and I am still none the wiser. So if any of you guys can give me some idea of finding out that would be great.
  14. Dave you are a star, I have just tried this and it happened. I must have held it down by accident when I locked the car. Now matter how old you get you never stop learning.