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  1. Hi all I have recently bought a 2010 Mondeo Titanium x TDCI and up to now am well pleased with it, in fact, I love it, after having driven BMW (3 series) Audi A4 and Citroen C5, I can safely say, it`s the best of all up to now, any way, 1 annoying little thing is at night with the lights on, I sometimes get a headlight malfunction warning (a little yellow light in the dash) the headlights still work but, don`t seem to do the "adaptive" bit any more, normally when I stop at lights etc, the headlights do a kind of reset lol, sort of move left and right and settle again, but they don`t do this when the warning light is on, if I switch the engine off, then start up again, all works fine, till a few weeks later and it happens again, any ideas what it could be? Rob
  2. Evenin`all Firstly, I`m thinking of buying an 09 plate 2ltr TDCI Titanium x 82k FSH etc, to replace my Focus 1.8 TDCI, i`ve checked the MOT history online and there are 2 advisories, both for near/offside suspension arm rubber bushes deteriorated but no excessive movement, now is this a big/expensive job and could it be a common fault as my focus seems to have it as well (last MOT was also noted) Thanks for looking. Rob
  3. Good guide :-) My bonnet wouldn`t open, no clicks etc when turning key so I followed the guide and still no joy :-( So my mate came round and he exerted pressure( a lot of pressure lol) on bonnet directly over the lock and hey presto it opened, it turns out the catch that holds bonnet in place which should release when turning key to the left was sticking, half a can of silicone spray later and all is good. Still a very good guide, just thought this may help others in same predicament as I was :-)
  4. They don`t seem to do much if I`m honest as for footwell, never noticed them come on at night etc, tempted to go out now and check lol
  5. So, had a look on the ETIS and according to that, I should have footwell lights, should they be on when the vehicle lights are on? I need to get myself a manual methinks
  6. Hi all, I drive 2008 1.8 TDCI (just bought it for my long commute) I don`t have an owners manual or a spec sheet, I have noticed 2 red lights on the courtesy light cluster which are apparently part of the ambient lighting option? I have no other lights (footwell, door pockets etc) so does this mean they are not working? Or are turned off? Surely the ones on the light cluster would also be off if ambient lighting was turned off? Hope you can all help. Rob
  7. Evening all Names Rob, exiled Geordie living in Northampton, got myself a Focus 2008 1.8 TDCI Titanium and you all WILL be hearing from me on the forum lol
  8. Hi Guys n Gals, new to the forum, just bought an 08 plate 1.8 TDCI on a whim really, I needed a diesel as I have a round trip commute to work of 50 miles (mostly motorway) and i saw this one and really liked the look of it, I have mostly owned BMW petrol cars, but since getting the Focus I have been impressed, nippy, fuel efficient and comfortable :-) Any way, now the questions lol, what MK is it? Should I be looking at doing cambelts @100k? also I need a fuel filler cap as the previous owner had a "universal" one on and every time I open the flap, the !Removed! thing falls out! So what type am I looking for? It`s not got screw thread so I`m assuming its 3 pin? Sorry for the long list ;-) Rob (Northampton)