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  1. ...Hello folks, thanks for having me here. Appreciated. My name is Alun and I live in the Welsh valleys. I was so excited to be getting my new (well 14 plate) Mondeo yesterday. Arrived at dealership. Did paperwork, Taxed Car, Insured car, got handed the keys etc, duly went to the car and as we were in Bristol and had no idea how to get back on M4 we decided to use the Sat Nav just to get us back to the Causeway, entered in or tried to enter home directions into Sat Nav and it was having NONE of it. 4 salesmen later and it was almost 8pm closing time, I was told take it to a garage of your choice when you get home and have them invoice us for the work, all will be fine, nope I thought, the minute I dirve that away it becomes MY problem, if I leave it here it is their problem, so that's what I did, I left it there and drove home in the Insignia, end of story? Nope, got back to Merthyr and her indoors has left her handbag with specs, bank cards and cash in the Mondeo on the front of Carbase in Bristol. Sheesh, when it rains it pours. Not a happy chappy. Alun
  2. I joined here more than a year ago when I intended to buy me a Mondeo on a 12 plate. That car never materialised and I ended up with a Vx Insignia and hated every single minute of it. I bit the bullet last week and took a massive hit and decided I will get me a Mondeo. Searched for a few days and came up with a Ford Mondeo 2.0 Titanium X Business Edition. 14 Plate. Little higher mileage at 42k in some sort of Blue colour. I liked the colour as I like to think of it as a polishable colour, unlike silver whereas you polish and it seems like it never been done. I am looking forward to finally collecting her tomorrow. A question for the experts... What is the timing belt interval? Any further tips would be most appreciated. Pic attached of similar car, mine is a saloon but same colour. What is the colour called. Alun
  3. I am collecting my new car tomorrow Monday. Mondeo Titanium X Business Edition. 14 Plate 163BHP. Can I ask for suggestions please? How often is Timing Belt? What oil? Where to buy service Parts etc. Will I need to update Sat Nav etc. Any help at all will be most appreciated. Looking forward to getting it. TIA Alun
  4. Hello and welcome from a very cold Wales. I am a newbie myself. AOHO
  5. I may have got this right now. I like this car but would prefer it with Leather. This is the Dashboard I would like in my Mondeo. What model is it. All I can find out is it is called Business Edition, but not all business Editions have the screen in the centre of the Speedo and Rev counter as in this pic. I have been looking for 3 days solid and can only find this one particular car. Surely there must be more. Please help folks. AOHO
  6. Hi There, Mondeo TXS, Carmarthenshire, that brings back memories, I used to keep a pub there for a short while, The Smiths Arms, Llangennech, now called Tafarn Y Morlais. I have no idea why pics won't load, but can I send you a pm or something and show you there? AOHO
  7. I am looking to get me a Mondeo quite soon. I always thought that Titanium X was the top of the range. Been about looking for a few and seen the one with pic attached, what model is this, I have seen a fair few with Sat Nav, would love that, but would also love Leather etc, but not seen any with Nav and Leather. I have seen some with Nav but none with a colour screen in between clocks. Is this a particular Model? I have been told it is called Business Edition or something like that. I really want an Estate (got two Westies) Any ideas folks? Not sure if the pics are working, it seems not to me. AOHO
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