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  1. Hi all. 57 plate Fiesta Zetec with the durashift automatic transmission - 80,000 miles. How do I change the transmission fluid? Do I do this myself or is it a garage job (if the latter, any idea on costs?) Thanks! Jason
  2. Hi all, Just after opinions really. I'm looking to fit an aftermarket stereo unit to my Mk6 Fiesta - I want something that can do CD/SD/USB audio and a SatNav and mobile phone/Bluetooth support would be nice too. I've seen a number of units on Amazon that run Windows CE 6.0 and Android 4.4 for about £200 which have good reviews. Has anybody had any experience with these units or got one they can recommend to me? Do they fit correctly, are there any extra cables I need to get my steering column controls to work? These are the kind of units: AutoPumpkin - Windows CE 6.0 YINUO - Android 5.1.1 Witson - Android 4.4.4 Generic - Android 4.4 There are probably others. Thanks!
  3. I've currently got the standard Ford CD player in my 2007 Fiesta. It works fine but I'm thinking about replacing it with a stereo that can read music from an SD card or a USB flash drive and it would be nice to have a SatNav too so that I don't need to have my Garmin hanging off the windscreen. I'm just wondering if anybody here has fitted a unit like the one I'm looking at to a Fiesta or other compatible model (I believe this stereo is also compatible with the Focus from the same era). The added phone/Bluetooth system on that unit is quite attractive too. I have steering column controls on my Fiesta too and I'd like something that still allows those to work. It seems that unit will work with my steering column controls. What aftermarket stereos do people recommend?
  4. Thanks! I will have a look at those and see if they have anything I fancy! I'll also get in touch with my insurance company too. :)
  5. Your Focus does look quite nice with those wheels. I'll have to see on Google if anybody's done a blue Fiesta with similar black wheels. I've seen some black wheels on blue Fiestas on Google Images but I wasn't liking the look too much. Do they do those wheels in a silver style? That could be an option. I'll have to do some research about the steering rack limiter as well. I'd probably go for 16" or maybe 17". I guess a garage could tell me if I needed the limiter? (I'm new to cars, haha!) That style looks quite nice. I could find some wheels in that style. The other thing is I'm only 18 and my insurance is high. Will adding fancy wheels increase my insurance premiums?
  6. They look pretty sweet! :D I'm not sure how the darker/black wheels look on a dark blue car though?
  7. Hi all, Just after some advice really. The stock alloy wheels on my Fiesta are a bit scuffed and I'm thinking about either getting them refurbished or looking at some aftermarket wheels instead. When it comes to wheels I like wheels that make the car look sporty but also fairly discrete. For example the wheels on the car below don't really do it for me: I prefer the style of the wheels on the car below: Which wheels do you think would look best on my Fiesta? Below are a few photos of my car. I've tried to look on the internet for wheels people have put on blue cars like mine but I haven't really found anything. Demon Shine by Jason Brown, on Flickr Demon Shine by Jason Brown, on Flickr Demon Shine by Jason Brown, on Flickr My car in Great Yarmouth :) by Jason Brown, on Flickr Also, I believe my current wheels are 15". It looks like the biggest wheels I can get are 17" or 18". Ideally I'd like not to have to lower the car and also maintain a smooth ride (I'm sure the tyres affect the ride quality more though?) Thanks!
  8. My first car! I'm 18 and this is my ride: 2007 Fiesta Zetec S-a in Ocean Blue. Semi-automatic, Durashift transmission. Purchased it in February 2016. :)
  9. Hello, yes it's a 1.4. I think the Fiesta's gearbox probably acts the same as the one you describe. No park but it does have neutral so maybe that's what you leave it in when you're not driving.
  10. Hi all. New to the forum and driving! Yesterday I put a deposit down for a very tidy 2007 Fiesta Zetec Climate with the semi-automatic Durashift transmission. I'm picking it up next week, very excited! :) Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong forum section, I just a quick question: I test drove the car and really liked it and I've driven both manuals and fully automatics before. I just wondered what gear you leave this Durashift in when you are stationary. I've been taught to leave manuals in neutral and automatics in park when I am going to be stationary for a long time (i.e. arrived at destination or parking). Since this semi-auto doesn't have park but it does have neutral, I guess I leave it in neutral when I'm parked or have arrived at my destination? Thanks! Sorry for my silly question! ;)
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