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  1. The print in the picture has layers 0.3mm high, this speeds up the print. I'll probably print it 0.1mm high in the final version
  2. Tired of the flaking Ford badge I decided to print a replacement After 12 different revisions, this is where it is I don't know how PLA will react to the elements but hopfully it will last and not get too dirty It takes 4 hours to print, uses 40grams of plastic. Currently planning of adding the oval ring around the edge, and a second version which allows easy changes to text. Once I'm happy with the design I'll upload the model so people can print it for themselves
  3. Fkuk

    Mk3 OS Dash Vent

    Mines broken in the exact same way. I'm 6ft 2 and I think it's from smashing my knee into it when getting in
  4. Fkuk

    Aircon fan blows harder in reverse...

    Wheb your drivibg forwardsx you are moving towards the wind When driving backwards it has to compensate because you moving away from the wind
  5. Fkuk

    Increasing mpg

    drive slower, slipstream trucks, leave earlier to avoid traffic, avoid braking at all costs, carpool, reduce unnecessary weight in car (spare wheel) apply tape to all body panel shut lines turn off climate control turn off radio tape up 75% of the radiator grill use lower viscosity oil in engine only ever have the fuel tank at 25% max over inflate your tires get larger diameter wheels get thinner width wheels use part worn tires remove all noise insulation from interior panels disconnect power steering pump remove wing mirrors and replace with cameras lower the roof by 3 inches cover rear wheel arches with sheet aluminium mount a rear spoiler upside down to create upforce turn off engine when stopped turn off engine when idling and slowing down to a stop crank starter motor when pulling away from stationary for a kers boost replace all glass with plastic when filling up pick up the premium filler nozzle and tip out the few millilters of fuel into your tank, put it back and fill up with regular fill up at night or mornings replace all exterior lights with LED replace all body panels with composite materials replace steel exhaust with titanium
  6. Fkuk

    DPF Active Regeneration

    Is rpm considerably faster, Because i have no idea what the fan is going over the radio,
  7. Fkuk

    DPF Active Regeneration

    How do you know if the car is performing a regeneration?
  8. Fkuk

    Vent temperature mismatch

    I found online that you can put the climate control into diagnostics mode And it gave me the code 9082 Which is right side temperature flap But I can't find how to get to that flap
  9. Hi On my mk3 2012 focus I got my AC regased today because the vents were not blowing cold. After the regas the passenger side vent is blowing very cold and the driver side is blowing air warmer than the outside air temperature. Ive tried changing temperature, auto mode, turning climate off and on. Has anybody had similar issues, or know what is wrong
  10. I think there are 2 different sizes for the spare wheel space. I have a mk3 estate and with a space saver there is only 15mk3 between the wheel and carpet which ford has bridged the gap with polystyrene I believe etis says if you have full or space saver wheels
  11. Fkuk

    Interior Mats

    Try looking on eBay for people breaking their fords
  12. Shouldn't be too difficult to measure if it will fit. Measure the diameter of the space, and depth and does it have a mounting bolt to hold the wheel secure. Some MOT places might fail the car because of a unsecured spare wheel
  13. Fkuk

    Rear oval badges

    Sweet. My car needs a new badge
  14. Fkuk

    Focccus guide required

    In that case I won't try it. I really only wanted it for the st logo on the instrument cluster. Do you know for the headlight option, do you choose HID or alternative HID For use with the ebay style hid kits