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  1. 😞 I replaced the battery a few months ago and the radio managed to keep all it's phones (the time did however get reset). I'll keep digging and post back here if I find a way.
  2. So I recently upgraded my phone from a pixel 2 to the pixel 6. And the pixel 6 cannot see my car via bluetooth and the car cannot see it. I try and unpair/debond all the various phones that are stored in my cars list and it's struggling with even that. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to update the software for the BVC units? Or how to do a master reset on it? I've been through what feels like all the menus but cannot find a rest option 😞 I've been trying to find a download source for any updates on google but anything I find ends up pointing to an old web page that no longer exists. New phone connects to every other bluetooth device I've got so I doubt it's that at fault.
  3. I'd be very interesting in a guide for this! I've been wanting to put DLR on my car for ages, but wanted them in the headlight unit rather than the grill. I done similar to my bike... Works a treat and had no issues over the legality of it.
  4. I might be being too simple here, but why not simply arrive, unload everything from the car then only open it again when you leave?
  5. As above ^^ However a phone charger like this in the 12v socket is probably better placed than the usb socket. For what is it worth, my dashcam is plugged into the usb socket (I couldn't be bothered messing around with fuses) It works flawlessly and never had an issue.
  6. I've been using halford's mixes for years and have found the premixed stuff not to live up to even near its recommended strength. So long as the temperatures are in plus figures I'll stick pretty much anything in it so long as it smells nice. However as soon as the temps drop to below freezing I find the pre mix washes are much more prone to freezing early, regardless of the flavour. I'll buy the concentrated berry mix if the cold snap isn't too bad (0 to -5) but any lower I buy the concentrated green stuff. That has only ever started to freeze on me at -17
  7. My car was booked in for this on Monday, however it got canceled due to the software updating apparently having a fault and they were waiting on a new version
  8. Fitted mine this afternoon. To get the lowered ball socket to clip in right you need to half close the bonnet. Apart from that, very easy to install. I've put a little video of them working here: https://twitter.com/ArwenX7/status/964850626508263425?s=09
  9. Mine have now arrived too. They look rather good, hopefully get them fitted at some point this week.
  10. Thank for the heads up, just ordered for my car!
  11. Thanks for all the info on this guys. I'm going to phone my local Ford dealer and talk to them about it. After seeing the list of parts I'm not really feeling comfortable letting AC do this type of recall on my car…
  12. In all the years I have been getting tyres changed, I have never had to ask for the weights to be put in the inside of the rim so they are hidden. They have always just done it that way for me! Anyways, tyres. My focus had Michelin Primacy's on it. The car had been sat for a number of years doing not very much until I got it. I hated the tyres from day one. Tram lining and just generally being horrible. Got them changed to Avon ZV7's and the car feels so much better for it. For a cheaper tyre that performs well in all road conditions, is not noise and lasts reasonably high mileage I cannot complain.
  13. Getting up momentum and going fast are two different things. But yea, turning into a steep hill is a difficult one. Snow tyres do make a massive difference. I don't normally get them put on my cars ( I didn't have anywhere to store 4 tyres at the time I really needed them), but I have driven a car with them on and they were night and day driving on thick snow and ice. You still need to be careful and no sudden movements unless you want to skid. But forward/backwards traction is so much better on them. I'm not entirely sure how they shed the snow better than normal tyres, but they tend to warm up quicker than summer tyres in cold weather so that may have something to do with it. On dry roads they were ever so slightly nosier, but nothing that would put me off getting them.
  14. I have never used snow socks or chains, and survived a number of very icy and snowy winters now with no real issue with my cars. Momentum and no sudden movements are key. For hills, build up your speed before the hill and maintain it up the hill, in a low gear. I end up going a lot of places in 2nd and 3rd gear as they are the best for not slipping wheels I've found. Have you got winter tyres on? They are designed to "shed" the snow and ice so they do not get as clogged up as normal tyres. Normal tyres end up spinning more often than not because their tread is filled with snow/ice. This sounds like what is happening with the snow socks.
  15. Etis is playing up for my right now... not sure why and I can't be bothered to try and fix it right now. Apparently it is whole new parts of wiring loom, sensor and various other bits and bobs. They reckons it's 8hrs worth of work, so they may have it over two days. Free courtesy car however so not too much hassle. I'm going to take pictures of the engine bay before I give them it, so can maybe compare afterwords :-)
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