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  1. Mr Glyn

    Got An Error On Your Car?

    Thank you James
  2. I see on Amazon they have a good selection of cheap ones that are highly recommended are there any disadvantages with the Bluetooth ones?
  3. Mr Glyn

    Yaw Rate Sensor

    Thanks Jethro I did have a look at the ones you mentioned and I’ve ordered a Haynes manual, presently looking for the actual Yaw rate sensor, had hoped to find it under the centre counsel L
  4. Mr Glyn

    Yaw Rate Sensor

    It’s the ESP warning light that stays illuminated would you know which fuse is associated with it?
  5. Mr Glyn

    Yaw Rate Sensor

    Thank you
  6. Mr Glyn

    Yaw Rate Sensor

    Hi my local garage has told me I need a new Yaw rate sensor (£600 plus) on searching for the diagnostic code C1279, it says Yaw Rate Sensor Circuit Failure could this be a simple bad connection fault?
  7. Also the hazards will stop working, is there a fuse that controls this group when the battery is on standby and if so which one is it?