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  1. Ambient Lighting.

    I got onto the etis website, but iPad doesn’t support all the necessary Requirements with software. I’ve got a laptop but haven’t used it for a while, I’m frightened too just in case it starts downloading important windows updates then I won’t be able to use it for months whilst it updates itself 😂. I suppose in a way it’s not important to have ambient lighting. But would you buy a car without DRLs. Would it bother you? 😉 Liam.
  2. Ambient Lighting.

    I’ve actually seen advertised a Focus Titanium 65 reg and I can’t see the tell tail signs of that red light strip above the door opening lever, so I assume it hasn’t got ambient lighting based on that. But I thought ambient lighting was standard on Titanium and above spec trims? How important is ambient lighting to you all? Would you buy a car that doesn’t have it? Liam.
  3. Ambient Lighting.

    Thank you Alex for clarifying it for me.!
  4. Ambient Lighting.

    So ambient lighting is standard in the mk3 & 3.5 in only the Titanium and above trim specs? Liam.
  5. Ambient Lighting.

    Sorry It would be on a mk3.5 Alex.!
  6. This is a good quote, especially if you’ve declared that you wish to remap in the future and they’ve said there won’t be any additional cost. Liam.
  7. Hi Tom, There is a sentimental attachment to the car, she’s been so good to me (touch wood) and I’ve loved driving her but, circumstances change due to health problems so I’m needing a more updated car with as you say lighter steering as standard. I don’t think I’d want to pay out to have it done because, it would not only cost a lot of money for parts but also on labour too. Also, I think it wouldn’t increase the value of my car either. It would also be nice to put the money I would spend on a newer car. Thank you for the advice on what you would do, I had a good idea what I wanted to do, but it’s always nice to get someone else’s opinion on something.! Liam.
  8. Hi Tom, Thank you for clarifying what the DPF is! With the type of driving I do, it really isn’t feasible for me to get a Diesel. So I think I’ll stick to a Petrol engine. Thank you for the advice on this. Liam.
  9. Ambient Lighting.

    Hi Everyone, I’ve got a couple of question to ask! Is Ambient Lighting standard on all trims of Focus’s? Is there a website that you could check up on a cars specifications to find out? Thank you, Liam.
  10. Hi Phil, Thank you for the advice, I’ll look at you build thread to see what you’ve done. Liam.
  11. Hi Tom, Sorry to hear about all the problems your having with your mk3. I hope you get them all sorted and fixed very soon and it’s not too expensive for you.! In your opinion, giving that my mk1.5 is only worth around £1000 or less, is it feasible/worth getting my cars hydrulic power steering converted to electric power steering? Liam.
  12. Good to hear you love your mk3! Just out of interest, is it easy to fit DRL’s and LED indicators to a mk3? Liam.
  13. Hi Dan, Would converting my car from hydrulic power steering to electric power steering be considered as a modification on my car which would increase my insurance premium? Liam.
  14. Hi Tom, True you don’t see the front end sitting behind the wheel, lol. I’m not a fan either of the front end on the mk3. I use to like the idea of having too many buttons on the dashboard, but now I agree with you that there are too many buttons on a mk3 Titanium. The looks of the front end and less buttons on a mk3.5 are more appealing to me, but the prices might say otherwise. I’ll have to keep waiting for the right Titanium to come along. You mentioned about the DPF, I take it that’s the Diesel Particle Filter? What’s the difference between the coated DPF and the additive DPF. I’ve heard that the DPFs can get clogged up if the engines don’t get a good constant speed run, say like you only did town and countryside driving. Is this true? Or are the DPFs on modern Diesel engines better now and you don’t have to worry about giving it a good long run? This is the only reason I would stay with Petrol. Unless there was a way of owning a Diesel and not having the worry of the clogging business, maybe giving it some wellie with the right foot in town or countryside to clear the filters out! 😉 Just out of interest Tom, how much was it to tax your Focus for the year? Thank you, Liam
  15. Do you leave your car in gear when you park?

    Hi, Yes always leave my car in gear when parked, even when parked on a level surface, lol. When parked down a hill I put the car in reverse, when parked up a hill I put the car in 1st gear. Liam.