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  1. Hi All, Not sure if this kind of post has been already posted, but I’ll ask anyway 😂. How good is the 1.0 Ecoboost 125 in automatic gearbox form.? What’s the performance and economy like.? Sorry guys if it has been posted somewhere on here before but I can’t find it. Thank You, Liam.
  2. Sunshine Butterflies Warm Very Warm Very Very Warm Bluebells Spring Summer Autumn The smell of freshly cut grass The smell of Petrol The smell of fresh Bread Nature Animals
  3. Last Friday took my Focus in for Service, MOT and for the recall all on the same day. Service successful, passed MOT (not that it wouldn’t pass) and recall done and I can happily report (fingers crossed and touching wood), no issues after software update, not sure but it might actually feel better too.??? SMC Ford even text and emailed me a video of one of the service men doing a health check on my car. 👍 Liam.
  4. Interesting point Isetta.! I’d like to know too, not being electronic and mechanical minded. Liam.
  5. Right ok. Thank you Tom for this. So I’m assuming it’s safe to take the battery out and charge it indoors like the old fashion way. As the only thing, it’s not parked in a garage, it will be soon so would be easier then. What about battery boosters, someone mentioned them before. It would be easier to of made sure I started her up frequently whilst she was sleeping 😂😂
  6. Hi Everyone, I’ve waited a while because I was waiting for my MOT and Service to be due, so on the 15th March I’m booked in to have all 3 done MOT, Service and Recall for software update for clutch slip. Thought I’d kill 3 birds with 1 stone 😂 Liam.
  7. My Focus won’t start, a low battery problem I suspect as I’ve not used it for a while and I’ve not started it for a while too, I should’ve done in the cold damp weather we’ve had. Now I’m in two minds. After posting a thread on ‘General Chat’ about jumpstarting a modern car with jumpleads. I’m not too sure I want to go down that route as I’ve got the car on PCP and I don’t want to jeopardise the 3 year warranty I took out with the car or jeopardise the PCP agreement if something went wrong choosing this path. The two things in mind I have are: 1) When I took out the PCP finance agreement, I also did 36 months SMC warranty and I took out Allen Assist. With Allen Assist I am entitled to several services two being ‘Roadside Assistance and Breakdown Recovery’ and ‘Home Assist’. In one of the ‘Important Notes’ in my Warranty Handbook, it mentions “if details of my Allen Assist cover does not reach the Administrator by the time assistance is required, they will ask me to provide immediate payment for the services I required. When I have received the payment receipt and they then have details of my Allen Assist cover, I will be able to claim a reimbursement from the administrator”. If I call them out, am I going to be charged if any work needs carry out, or will it be paid for by my cover.? How much will I get charged for the call out.? Has anyone had an Allen Assist cover on their car.? 2) I have RAC cover, so know where I stand with them. If the battery is completely dead, (which I don’t think it is as all the displays/dashboard and touchscreen light up), I know I’ll have to pay RAC for a new battery. If I call them out, will it jeopardise my SMC 36 months warranty and Allen Assist cover. Will it jeopardise my PCP finance agreement.? Which path would you choose.? Liam
  8. Hi Everyone, This maybe a totally stupid question but I’m going to give it a try, lol. Can you start modern cars with jumpleads, what with all their modern electronic computers and circuitry on board.? Liam.
  9. I know, but it’s kind of you to say so
  10. I don’t like the idea of losing a bit of performance. If I bought the car because partly I liked the performance of it, and they take a bit away from the car because of a software update, seems a bit unfair.
  11. Hi Everyone, On Wednesday I posted I hadn’t received my letter from Ford yet about the recall. ‘I don’t believe it.!’ Yesterday I received a letter from Ford for the recall 😂😂. So will be booking mine in. My worry is, after the recall job is done, will I lose any performance in the engines power.? Liam.
  12. Thank you Tom for this. I’ll give it a little while longer and if no letter shows up I’ll get it booked in. Liam.
  13. Hi Everyone, I’m still waiting for Ford to contact me and recall my Focus and have the work done. I know it’s one of the affected ones. Will they bother to write or phone me to recall it or have I got to ring them.?? Liam.
  14. Hi Damian, Sorry for the late reply. Nope I haven’t tried that.! I shall give that a try. Thank you, Liam.
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