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  1. thanks for that. ill chase up these and see whats what
  2. after having our 1st service of the fez, we will need new tyres pretty soon. the current ones we have are bridgestones but were really bad over the winter (i know theyre not really designed for snow/ice but these were the worst tyres ive ever had!!) anyone reccommend a mid range tyre 205/40/17 thats not gona break the bank? thanks
  3. yes, i could maybe replace it myself with a conservatory door? lol no, im a celtic fan, followed by my name R Smith ;-)
  4. oh, i called Autoglass just after 9am this morning, i was informed that someone would call me back within 2hours. 5hours later and still no call (and yes, i called them an hour ago to ask wtf was going on?!)
  5. ive never had a chip filled but my impression, according to the visual aspect of the tv advert, was that there would be no mark left. is this the case? you'd have been better sticking a dolop of silicone in yourself if thats the case......
  6. probably not. i personally find Autoglass to be a bunch of cowboys!
  7. i am waiting on autoglass to call back. tbh im not overly joyed with them doing it as the last time we went there, they replaced our seat ibiza's screen.....and left glue marks over the car......and knocked the air filter off......and left the scuttle panel loose........and damaged the wipers!! was not a happy bunny and a letter of complaint was submitted to their head office after the branch manager was a total prick about it!! anyways, when they call back i shall see how much it will cost but im convinced that we will get it almost FOC........Fingers crossed anyways oh, will i physically be able to see any element damage or is steam the best way? thanks
  8. hi ive got about a 30cm crack on my fiesta. we have the heated screen so was wondering how to go about getting it replaced? do ford do screen warrantys that i may have signed up to upon ordering? or the dealer? or is it a case of replacing it via my insurance and pay the £50 excess? will they charge more as its 'heated'? thanks
  9. mine is R777 KKY however its not on my car oh, my name is Rikky btw ;-)
  10. hmm, sounds as if the Kuga interms of a 'performer' is pretty pants. like i say, we wont bu pulling owt but once we have wee ones, i will definately be getting a bigger car. maybe i will wait for now and see whats on the meerkat come next year or so. thanks
  11. we wouldnt really be pulling anything and the rear open cab would be useless for us. That ranger looks more like a work horse over a nice comfy 'higher' car. Thanks for your views but that one looks too much like those mitsubishi warriors....... the Kuga apparently has 47mpg on combined which seemed pretty good for what it is
  12. an early Kuga? absolutly fed up of the snow and ice and have always wanted a bigger car. we will be seriously considering trading in our 09 fiesta zetec later this year for something else and the Kuga has taken my eye. we are getting married next year then will be trying for kiddies, so the kuga would come in handy. yes, i know, forward thinking, but whats everyones thoughts on this? the fuel consumption is almost the same between the 2 but obviously maintainence and tax etc will be more. the idea is for the 'wife' to drive it whilst i get something old skool and most likely unreliable to potter about in. am i mad, optomistic, or thinking waaay to far ahead?!
  13. we got our mk7 on 1st june 2009 and have done 11.5k!!!
  14. when i bought my mk7, the dealer said that the standard mupflaps WONT fit the fiesta if it had the optional sideskirts fitted. was he pulling my plonker? how much do they cost? £20 a set or so? thanks