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  1. Chris182

    Ford Ka 2011 help needed!!

    Hi micro Managed to get it all sorted Sunday just took it all off and fitted a stop start battery no issue and her stop start is now actually working!
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you can help my partners ford ka is suffering from a stop start issue and the battery is toast. When I've gone to change the battery I've found a battery earth connected to it, I was just wondering does the car need it as I'm struggling to find a battery with the earthing connector? Any help or advice would be great as she needs it Monday Thanks Chris
  3. Chris182

    D13HPD ST-2

    Hi i was just wondering does the petrol additive really work? only ask because a few people have said that they don't help and can cause damage etc etc. Love the car by the way it looks brilliant and the custom gauges are amazing
  4. Whats the benefits of having your car re-mapped?

  5. So do you have the same amount of information or less with the medium screen?
  6. also whats the different features with the bigger screen speedometer? got my eye on one on ebay but its the mid screen.
  7. Ahh got you I bought a dash storage tray a bit back but I'm way too nervous to go cutting without some lines to follow It looks great!
  8. Loving the work you've done on the car mate it looks ace! You don't happen to have a template or something around for the dash storage cutout?
  9. Hi sorry to revive an old post but ive just had the same error code on my 2007 1.8 petrol focus and for the life of me i cant find where to get replacements, could someone help with links please
  10. Anyone know if a Ford focus 2007 1.8 petrol can have fully synthetic oil? its a pre-facelift version

  11. Chris182

    Focus Upgrades

    Ran into several issues this weekend and only managed to get a few things fitted found out that the wiring loom i purchased off ebay with lights and mirror is actually for a mondeo not a focus the next one was that i cant for the life of me find a wiring diagram of a focus 2007 ignition so i know which wire is the 12v for the push button start. Now i was wondering if i could chop the wires from the mondeo loom and fit them into the focus loom? or is that just a no no.
  12. Chris182

    Focus Upgrades

    its on euro car parts for £176 may need to check my bank account...
  13. Chris182

    Focus Upgrades

    The only ones for my model are 57-0595 and teh 57S-4000
  14. Chris182

    Focus Upgrades

    On another note whats the best discs and pads to get and also somewhere to pick up a K&N induction kit?
  15. Chris182

    Focus Upgrades

    It's fine I'll start at 6am and hopefully be done by 11pm