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  1. Fiesta Mk5 2001

    Hi, I have a 2001 1.25 fiesta zetec. I was looking at changing the cam belt on it. I know that the aux belt is of the stretch type and so has to be renewed. I also know that there are special locking tools required to lock up the cams, WHAT I CANT WORK OUT IS THIS ? It says to loosen the camshaft Sprockets ?? I dont see a reason for doing this. I know your are supposed to time the engine to get cylinder 1 to tdc usin the timing pin and then to fit the locking bar to the cams and to remove the crank pulley, but why the cams, the car has no vvt to be set Can anyone shed a little light on this, anyone who has actually changed a belt perhaps ??????? Thanks nick
  2. Fiesta Timing Belt

    Hi Peeps, lol I have a 2001 (Y) Reg 1.25 Zetec Fiesta without air con, Has anyone fitted a timing belt to a fiesta with the same engine as mine. Is there any special tools required to complete the job and how hard is it to do and how long roughly does it take. Got quite a bit of hands on experience being a technician. Cheers Guys.
  3. fiesta electric window problem

    operate the window and at the same time see if the window is gettin stuck within the window channels, if the window still moves slowly it could be a fault with the window lift mechanism.
  4. Cigar lighter Fuse?

    which shape fiesta is it matey new shape or old shape 1 ?
  5. Fiesta MK5 Control Module

    Hi there, Just asking to find out if a 2001 fiesta mk5 1.25 3dr has a multi function control module and if so where is it located in the vehicle, many thanks Nick Ford Fiesta mk5 2001 3dr 1.25 zetec in jade green manual with IB5 gearbox 71,000miles
  6. Fiesta 1.4LX Clutch Problems

    i think a new complete lower arm for my mk5 fiesta only cost me around £83 and that was direct from a ford dealership, you can get non ford ones which do the job and cost around half the price
  7. cd playerr not working

    i would try and put a disc cleaner cd in there and see if its just a dirty lens in the cd player, if this does not work it could be time to get a new 1 but u will need to buy a cable harness adapter to connect up a non ford cd player
  8. Door Locks / Alarm

    I have a fiesta 1.25 2001 3dr with central locking(not remote operated) I need a bit of help with the connector that plugs onto the door lock modules on the front doors. I think i am right in saying that they both have direct power feeds to them, but i am trying to find out if there is a wire that provides a feed to lock the door and another wire that unlocks the door. Basically am thinkng of installing an alarm system but it shows on the diagram that 3 wires from the alarm module one wire connects to the unlock wire , the other to the lock wire and the third to a mainline wire. apart from the two modules in the door is there any other modules related to the central locking. Many Thanks Nick ???
  9. oil filter??

    hi I have a mk 5 fiesta 1.25 zetec and it it is the same as mine the oil filter is at the front of the engine, you can usually remove by using a large pair of pliers, the oil sump bolt is a one piece plug and seal and is 13mm which needs to be renewed. Costs a few quid but if you use the oil plug oil could leak because the seal has already been compressed. Hope that helps Nick
  10. Timing Belt

    Hi there I have a Y reg fiesta 3dr 1.25 zetec (2001) and was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of changing their timing belt. If so was it easy to do and what special tools were required. Many Thanks Nick Volvo Tech Fiesta Owner / Driver
  11. Track Rod Replacement?

    Hi Gary, Im sure that you can get the track rod ends separatley, as per most cars, they are easy to change but its trying to get the wheel geometry set up, with the new track rod end. Nick Volvo Tech Fiesta Driver