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  1. Mistral - Rear Wheel Bearing And Brakes

    Will do - thanks again. Blue
  2. Mistral - Rear Wheel Bearing And Brakes

    Thanks for your quick response - happy with all that and just a further question on the rear unequal braking. The rear pads were changed 3-months ago, stil go for rear discs? Blue
  3. Hi there, some advice if I may - firstly, my Mondeo Mistral 2004 1.8 petrol 60k failed the MOT on a rear wheel bearing which I'm told is the complete hub - is that correct as these are expensive? The garage is telling me Ford says the whole hub must be changed which includes the pressed in wheel bearing. Secondly, the rear brakes are pressing in an unequal manner - it's not a fail but it is borderline - any suggestions? And lastly, my front discs are wearing down considerably - at 60k of mainly motorway driving would this be expected? Thanks for all your help - Blue
  4. MK3 Front and rear pads - change

    Thank you. Blue
  5. Good morning, apology's if this common topic has been discussed before but a quick search revealed little... I have a MK3 2004 1.8 petrol Mondeo and that time has come to change the rear pads, and possibly the front. I have seen reports of issues with 'winding back' the rear calipers - any pitfalls I should look out for and if possible, any on-line idiots guides would be great. Thanks as always - Blue Ps. 50k mileage
  6. Mondeo misfiring at low revs

    I'll try the plugs and leads first and then if no joy, I'll go for the coil pack. Thanks Simon - Blue
  7. Mondeo misfiring at low revs

    Thanks for that - I'll give it a go later to see if it helps. Blue
  8. Hello, some advice if I may please – I own a Mondeo 2004, 1.8 petrol that’s done a genuine 50k; it’s starting to misfire at low revs [hot or cold] up to about 1500rpm. I don’t believe the plugs / HT leads have ever been changed and that’s where I need some advice – I’m getting conflicting direction when they need / should have been changed, as apparently this may be the cause of the misfire. This morning I was going to replace them myself but after going to my local TOMO they are costed at £110 for the bunch and I wasn’t expecting them to be that expensive. Can anyone confidently state when the plugs need replacing and do you think this could be the cause of a misfire? Thank you - Blue