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  1. My mate bought a connect, and had to take it back for a refund in the end. As far as I am aware A common fault is the EGR valve failing it can be costly to replace Also, the injectors short have a short life... again costly as involves recoding them... Hopefully someone will shed more light on this
  2. Nice one Calum, the mount in the pic is a bit different to mine, I suspect there are slightly different versions, i.e. older and newer... but yea that's the fella
  3. Hey All, just been reading through this thread again and really enjoyed your posts, I have only recently received my GS8000L, and still playing with it, so will post some images and hopefully a video soon ;)
  4. The fusion is long gone, and never did get to a scrap yard.... I guess the wires would be at the corners of the screen but its only a guess.
  5. Cheers James, Just noticed this on eBay, a Gs8000L with 20% off its £15.95 with free postage from the UK
  6. ahh ok thanks james, do you have a trusted ebay seller for the Gs8000L?
  7. FHD 1080P anyone know anything about this? They recommend a class 6 memory card, dose that mean class 6 and above? would a class 10 card not be compatible?
  8. Thanks Lenny and James :D Lenny I really like your ad hock approach and solution. ;) James that came looks like what I had in mind, really liked your review, very helpful. :) Keep your thoughts coming, its good to hear about the dash cams to avoid. I saw BP have dash cams for around £15..... but the don't look up to much..... I could be wrong.....
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm interested it getting a budget dash cam with a screen ( under £55 ). I'd love to see what you have bought and find out your thoughts on this. There are so many on ebay and thought it would be grate to have up to date guide. Looking forward to your recommendations and warnings :D
  10. Hi folks just wondered if anyone has a had bother with horns failing due to them geting wet and rusting up? this happened to me a few times, I replaced with original ford horn because of the connection for use (small narrow pins as opposed to spade) same thing kept happening so i fitted a compact air horntwice as they failed due to the metal disk that creates the sound rusting up.... So Now Im looking for a rust proof horn..... any ideas?
  11. I have bother with my drivers window... does up really slowly if at all, need to tap the side of the door with somthing metal while pressing switch before it works..... will be interested to know which ones fit
  12. bt_cav

    Foc Scotland Meet

    He all Would love to come along unfortunatly I work weekends, Howevr I'd like to hear how it goes so take plenty pics..... Hope its good day and plenty people come along and will be the first of many Brian :-D