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  1. Engine Running badly

    I had a 1.8 before this one, good car! considering the 1.8 or 2.0 TDCI as the next car as i want some think that is a bit better on fule. will end up being a Mrk2 but the Mrk3 looks amazing!
  2. Engine Running badly

    sounds like what i have been quoted for so should be ok. should get it back to day, currently having to drive my G\F 1.2 Corsa, really looking forward to getting my focus back, need a car with some power.
  3. Engine Running badly

    you got it spot on, it is the coil in Cylinder number 4, i am waiting on a price now.
  4. Engine Running badly

    Hi all, I have a 2003 2.0 Ghia and today it start running very poorly and the enigne warning light has come on. I think it has gone in to get you home mode as it works but i have no power and when it idals it sounds like it is about to stall. any have any idea's about what might be wrong with it. also how far is it safe to drive as i need to decided which garage to go to, i have one that is very close but it's not a ford dealersship the cloest one is about 15 miles away.