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  1. Battery light still on?

    Will do thanks for your advice really appreciate it i recheck tomorrow after work
  2. Battery light still on?

    If the alternator giving power to the battery even with the battery light on will the car still brake down
  3. Battery light still on?

    Thanks for the reply m8 i will check the fuse tomorrow hopefully with a bit of luck it will be somethink simple like that
  4. Battery light still on?

    I own a focus mk2 1.6 zetec 55 plate. A couple of days ago my battery light came on and the car totaly died on me engine stop and all had to get a new battery to get the car home. I tested the voltage and the battery was 12v engine started drop to around 11 volts turned lights heater on ect and battery drop to 9v. I guessed it was the alternater so change the alternater and its got a new battery what a pain it was getting the new drive belt and air cone belt on. Started the car which it didnt really want to do at first guess it was the cold snow ect and having the battery disconnet for a couple of days. Once i started the engine the battery light was still on odd thing is when i checked it with the mulitmeter the battery was 12v with the engine running it was 14.2 v 14.4 v with all the lights on heater on ect it stayed on 14.2v the voltage didnt drop however the front heated windscreen wouldnt go on and the battery light is still on. So it seems changing the alternator has done somethink hope its not this smart charge system i keep hearing about just seems odd to me that when i put the new alternator in the car is now giving me the correct voltage reading surley if it was a electric or wire promblem changing the alternator wouldnt of changed it form a low reading to a normal reading.
  5. Focus mk2 55 plate power steering issues

    Yer just changed the pipie yesterday what a ***** lol that union bolt is a pain in the backside lol
  6. Notice yesterday that my car a Ford focus mark 2 55 plate was losing power steering fuild quite a lot of it two it seems to be dripping on the fan belt and being flicked all over the engine and make a strange sreaching nosie some one told the nosie is because your fan belt covered in power steering fuild I believe it to be the pipe that's leaking and not any think with the the pump as the steering is still light and not heavy has any one got a Idea what it could be I know it's the power steering cause the fluid being drained out of the power steering resiour
  7. it turned out to be the clutch release plate there was some metal peeling off or something
  8. just been on one of those sights where you put your job on the internet for garages to compete on your work i asked the garage if the fly wheel needed replacing they said no as my car has a solid one and not a dual mass one is it true that solid ones dont need replacing also saw this on a number of web-sights saying the same thing
  9. is that including the fly wheel m8 is the slave cylinder part of the clutch assembly or is it a separate part
  10. sorry i just re done one trying to quite the smoking so wasn't in the best mood earlier but thank you for letting me know
  11. lads please help my focus mk 2 is making a wired noise at the biting point of my clutch bit like a tapping or machine gun sound its not overly loud but its there also every time i pull of in first gear the car is juddering like pulling off in a higher gear if i take it easy when pulling off its not as bad also my biting point is now higher than before car feels like its vibrating more two clutch is vibrating as well . i have just changed the rear gear box mount which helped with the gear change as it was lose is it the clutch or the fly wheel
  12. if anyone wants to know what is could possibly be it seems to be the rear gear box mount engine rocking forward and up.
  13. could someone tell me whats wrong i think my clutch is on its way out. 1. when pulling off in 1st gear the car shudders like your pulling off in 2 or 3 gear. 2. when selecting gear its feels stiff to get in to gear or it dont feel like it wants to select that gear (not always but most of the time) 3. ref above the car selects gear fine when traveling at lower speeds when the revs are down 4. biting point now feels higher than it did 5.sometimes i can hear the gears crunching when selecting like the clutch is not engaged this dose not happen a lot 6. car pulls off in all gears form stand still with just the clutch and no gas pedal this is whats got me confused 7. forgot in title cars done 68236 miles. 8. car feels like its vibrating more now when still 9. when changing down a gear the gears feel smooth like normal 10. with engine off the car goes in to gear normally like butter no stiffness at all if it was gear box wouldn't it be stiff with engine off also i cant image the car being able to change gear smoothly in low revs if it was the gear box as when im driving slow and change up quickly there is not a problem also if i take my time pulling off and i mean take my time going as slow as like it wont judder pulling off in first gear. i have now noticed that when i have the bonnet open and and press the gas pedal i can hear what can only be describe as a puff of air. 11. just notice that when i press the clutch in i can hear like a rattle/or little a vibration sound would relly help if someone could tell me whats up with the car i think its the clutch but dont want to spend 200 odd pound on a new clutch if its not the clutch when its so near to xmas dont have the money to waste like that need to kinda no what it is.
  14. Wheel Bearing

    Thanks artscot 79 I was hoping that wasn't the case changed brake shoes before and hated it cause off those springs there more off a pain to do than just changing the bearing